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Glad you had fun, Scotty

Where did American Idol and country music star Scotty McCreery spend much of his 21st birthday weekend?

At Pinehurst.

Judging from his social media outreach, he had a good time.

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Is this the best par of the year?

At the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, which, of course, our U.S. Open Champion Martin Kaymer won, Rory McIlroy may have made the best par of the year…

…And also proved once again why he might be the most likable figure in golf. Forget HOW Rors made par here. Sure, that’s impressive enough. But listen to his own commentary.

“Bubba, you watching this?”

Sure, it’s a nice laid-back event. And Rory wasn’t exactly in the hunt to win here. But, the kid gets it. He just gets it.

It’s pretty easy to root for Rory.



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A Timelapse: Putter Boy at Sunrise

The Putter Boy has seen a few sunrises in his day. After all, he was originally a sundial.

Watch as the morning sun rises to greet Putter Boy, ending in a most perfect eclipse.

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What do Arnie, Phil, Rory and Annika all have in common?

What do Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Graeme McDowell, Justin Rose and Annika Sorenstam all have in common?

Their love and appreciation for Pinehurst No. 2.

That’s a lot of majors…

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The Office Golf Trick Shot

At Pinehurst, we have offices. And we certainly have golf.

And now, we have inspiration.

So now, we must work on our own office golf trick shot. Stay tuned.

(H/T the Golf Digest’s The Loop.)

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