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Best chip shot ever?

OK, maybe not best EVER. (Tiger at 16?)

But at Pinehurst, we know a thing or two about the importance of the short game. And so when we recognize game, we like to share it.

And considering how much we like trick shots, this was a no-brainer.

As many people familiar with Pinehurst know, visiting the Pine Crest Inn for a few drinks and chipping into the fireplace is a time-honored tradition. And Dennis Frischmann does it quite well.

Donald Ross approves, and so do we. Still, good luck holding the green…

We chatted with Frischmann after seeing the shot, and got a few more details. Visiting Pinehurst on a trip with a few friends, Frischmann said he initially tried the shot about 20 minutes before the video,missing high and right. But then, feeling confident (and perhaps with some liquid courage…just sayin’), Frischmann asked his friend Danny White to get the phone ready because, as Frischmann recalls, he said, “I am sinking this on the first try.”

And then he did.

“On a stack of Bibles, that was the FIRST take!!!” Frischmann wrote us. Judging by the reaction, we believe him.

And what does Frischmann say right before he plays the shot?

“Why do they make this game so easy?”

Hey, he backed it up.

Well done, Dennis.

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Pinehurst unveils 2017 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship logo


VILLAGE OF PINEHURST, N.C. – With another nod to its storied history, Pinehurst Resort and Country Club looks ahead to its next championship.

Pinehurst Resort and Country Club unveiled the logo for the upcoming 2017 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship in a special ceremony at the club on Tuesday. The logo, featuring the historic Golf Lad, commemorates the Four-Ball, which will be played on Pinehurst No. 2 and Pinehurst No. 4 from May 27-31.

Frank Presbrey, Pinehurst’s first advertising counselor, created in the early 1900s a young boy that appeared in the resort’s early advertising and calendars. He was called “The Golf Lad.”

In 1912, sculptress Lucy Richards used the Golf Lad as the model for her bronze statuette in sundial form. The statue was known as “The Sundial Boy” until the 1970s until “The Putter Boy” name caught on. 

The Golf Lad has been used as part of the logo in many of Pinehurst’s most recent USGA championships, including the three U.S. Opens in 1999, 2005 and 2014.

The 2017 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball will be the ninth USGA championship to be held at Pinehurst, including the unprecedented back-to-back U.S. Open Championships in 2014. In 2019, the U.S. Amateur will be played at Pinehurst, and in 2024, the U.S. Open’s return to Pinehurst will mark the first time in over a century the USGA has awarded four Opens to a single site in a span of 25 years.

The 2024 U.S. Open will be the 11th USGA championship to be hosted by the club and will be the 10th in the last 35 years, more than any other site in the United States. The course has served as the site of more single golf championships than any destination in America.

In the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball, each of two competitors plays their own ball throughout the round. Each team’s score is determined by using the lower score of the partners for each hole. After 36 holes of stroke-play qualifying, the field will be reduced to the low 32 teams for the championship’s match-play bracket, from which the eventual champions will be determined.

The 2017 edition will be the third playing of the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball. In late May, Southern Methodist teammates Benjamin Baxter and Andrew Buchanan won the 2016 championship at Winged Foot. The first U.S. Amateur Four-Ball was played at The Olympic Club in 2015. Eligibility for the Four-Ball is limited to amateurs, with no age restrictions. Partners comprising teams or sides are not required to be from the same club, state or country.

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A Golf Channel Journey – Why Pinehurst?

On The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, travel expert Matt Ginella showcased all there is to love about our special golf oasis, including some spectacular nighttime golf photography by the great Cy Cyr.

And while we love to hear our story told, it was indeed great to see Matt feature both Carolina Trace and Tobacco Road, which are about a half hour up the road in Sanford, N.C.

Take a look:

Ginella’s piece ended with his discussion of our wonderful area:

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Finding peace on Pinehurst No. 2

You may remember Andrew Smith from November after he competed – and won his Wounded Warrior flight – at the inaugural Veterans Golfers Association Championship at Pinehurst.

Recently, The Chattanooga Times Free Press caught up with Andrew to tell his story, and it is certainly worth your time. (The story was subsequently picked up by The Associated Press.) It was inspiring to read…



…And then we got to the end, and Andrew’s final anecdote and quote:

As he addressed the UTC men, someone asked Smith what kept him from being depressed and bitter. He recalled something that (his wife) Tori told him in the hospital.

“She said that the enemy — the Taliban — had wanted to kill me,” he said. “She said, ‘Don’t give them a victory over anything you’re going through.’ That really inspired me. So whenever times are tough I think about the enemy, if any of them are still alive, and I think how they’re living in mud huts and drinking dirty water while I’m playing Pinehurst No. 2.”


We at Pinehurst are truly humbled.

Play well – always – Andrew.

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Why Pinehurst No. 2? No Water (in play)

Another reason to keep Pinehurst No. 2 on your bucket list?

Here’s a simple answer: Outside of a small pond not far in front of the 16th tee, there’s no water in play on Donald Ross’ famed course.

And as Tiger Woods showed at a media event for his upcoming tournament, water is no fun. Especially when you haven’t warmed up:

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