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Fight or Flight – Tales from the PGA Tour

Pinehurst's Darron Stiles is optimistic about his start to the 2013 PGA Tour season.

Pinehurst’s Darron Stiles is optimistic about his start to the 2013 PGA Tour season.

Pinehurst member Darron Stiles is the Web.Com Tour’s all-time career money-winner, which people who don’t know any better would say makes him the Crash Davis of golf. That isn’t accurate, of course, because Stiles has had five seasons on the PGA Tour, and the Tour success has translated to more than $1.8 million in earnings. Stiles has also earned more than $1.4 million in his five PGA Tour seasons.

Take that, Nuke.

Stiles has already seen his share of highs and lows early through the Western Swing for the 2013 PGA Tour season. On occasion here at the Pinehurst Blog, he’ll recount those highs and lows, what “reshuffling” means to PGA Tour players and everything in between.

Take a ride with Stiles inside the PGA Tour with his first installment – “Fight or Flight”




Welcome to a new feature for me. This is the first post of the year for my blog about life on the PGA Tour.

I hope you enjoy the weekly updates and random thoughts about the game in general. Once my web site is up and running, I will be able to answer any questions you may have, or if you have any suggestions for topics to discuss, that would be great as well.

Let’s start with a recap of my season up until the Honda Classic.

As always, the PGA Tour season starts with the annual visit to the Aloha State – Hawaii. This year Hawaii had special meaning to me. Back in 2009, my wife, Kim and I were there for the first event of the season, when upon completion of my opening round of 78, we found out my father had suffered a massive heart attack and was on his way to the hospital.

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The Golf Boys – “2.Oh”


Time for a little fun on the Pinehurst blog.

And so we give you, The Golf Boys 2.Oh.

So, down the middle of the fairway, or OB? Thoughts? Favorite line? Better than the first?

(Need help with the lyrics? Grantland’s Rembert Browne can help.)



And are the Golf Boys good for golf? What do you think? Good, bad, or ugly?

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Snow Days at Pinehurst [VIDEO]

While the passage of time has confirmed James Walker Tufts’ vision of Pinehurst as a sanctuary for all seasons, the Cradle of American Golf does occasionally experience the rare snowfall. Like most Carolina snows, though, you must enjoy the fleeting beauty of white-capped Pinehurst in the moment, for rising temperatures are always quickly on the horizon.

That was the case in mid-February, as large, floating flakes descended on Donald Ross’ legendary links and stuck around for a few hours, giving us the snowscapes captured here by Kaye Pierson.

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Arnold Palmer at Pinehurst [VIDEO]

When the King speaks, golf fans tend to stop and listen.

In advance of the 2007 celebration surrounding the centennial of Pinehurst No. 2, Arnold Palmer visited the area he so often enjoyed in his youth with his father, and took a few minutes to chat about his own special history at Pinehurst and on No. 2.

The King’s comments were captured on video, and have been rarely seen or heard.

Until now.

Palmer has a perspective on Pinehurst like few alive today. Not only is he one of the greatest and most important players in the game’s long history, Palmer’s fascination with Pinehurst is intertwined with the memory of his father Deacon, who visited Pinehurst often in the 1930s and 1940s. Arnold would occasionally join him and eventually enroll at Wake Forest College in the late 1940s, winning the Southern Conference Championship on Pinehurst No. 2 in dramatic fashion over Harvie Ward.

He recounts those memories here.

Stunningly, that college championship was The King’s only victory in Pinehurst. Palmer never advanced past the semifinals of the North and South Amateur, even losing 12 & 11 to Frank Stranahan in the 1949 event. He also missed the cut at the World Open in 1974 only days after being enshrined in the Golf Hall of Fame, then missed the cut again in 1975.

But those misfires never dampened Palmer’s love for Pinehurst and its most celebrated golf course.

“I have great memories of visiting Pinehurst in the old days,” he said in 1994. “For a kid from Latrobe to visit the golf capital of the world was a special treat.”

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Darron Stiles and the Coconut Tree – Fighting off snowmen in California

Pinehurst's Darron Stiles is optimistic about his start to the 2013 PGA Tour season.

Pinehurst’s Darron Stiles is optimistic about his start to the 2013 PGA Tour season.


How do you start a story like this? Pinehurst’s Darron Stiles has played five really good rounds of golf in his return to the PGA Tour.

He has a missed cut and a T56 to show for it.

So how do you begin the story of Stiles’ start, especially when it includes a coconut tree, the top of the leaderboard, a cart path and a snowman? What class in J-School do you take to handle that?

The answer is, there isn’t one. There is no perfect way. No right or wrong.

Still, what do you do?

You do what Darron Stiles did.

You put your head down and keep going – and fight back.


I took three shots at laying the foundation of Stiles’ early season story.

It’s pretty clear I failed each time. Here, see for yourself:

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