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Tim Tebow’s golf swing


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Pinehurst’s Presidential Visits


Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and President Gerald Ford played golf during the World Golf Hall of Fame Tournament on Sept. 11, 1974. (Photo from National Archives)

Golf has long been the pastime of presidents.

LINKS Magazine reports 15 of the last 18 U.S. Presidents have played golf.

President Barack Obama has played more than 200 rounds of golf since he took office in 2009.

While that may sound like a lot, Obama will never catch up to Woodrow Wilson, who reportedly played 1,200 rounds during his presidency.

Obama visited Pinehurst while on the campaign trail in 2008, but he didn’t get a chance to play.

Mr. President, don’t you think it’s time to come back and play Pinehurst No. 2? We’ll set you up with caddie Willie McRae.

He’s carried bags for four presidents: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.

HEM14906.15 &.16 Richard Nixon, 12-13-1964

Richard Nixon played golf in Pinehurst in 1964 before taking office. (Photo from Tufts Archives)

McRae told the Associated Press that Nixon is the best player of the group, but he enjoyed them all.

“I mean, you’re caddying for somebody who is the head of the United States,” McRae told the AP. “There ain’t but one man ahead of him, and that’s God.”

Here’s a look back at some of Pinehurst’s presidential visits.

President Theodore Roosevelt visited Pinehurst twice: after leaving office in 1909 and before running again in 1912, according to Audrey Moriarty’s book “Pinehurst: Golf, History and the Good Life.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt has visited Pinehurst twice. (Photo from Tufts Archives)

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Payne Stewart’s iconic swing

Not long ago, we tweeted a 3-second Vine of Payne Stewart’s tee shot on the 17th hole of Pinehurst No. 2 during the fateful final round of the 1999 U.S. Open. The response was immediate. The swing looks effortless. It’s classic. It’s so far removed from pretty much every swing you see on any PGA Tour broadcast today.



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Dean Smith and Golf

Legendary North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith took his competitive fire to the golf course as well, molding Roy Williams into the man on – and off the course – he is today.

At a news conference on Sunday, Williams spoke about Coach Smith’s approach to golf, which included strict guidelines for gimmes and mulligans. Coach Smith’s style of golf lives on in Williams’ rounds on the links today, as do the memories.

So, who did Coach Smith REALLY get fired up to beat on the golf course? Well, you have to watch the video to find out, but they were matches that stoked his fire every bit as the biggest ones for the Heels on the hardwood.

Lastly, we cannot forget one of Coach Smith’s favorite golf moments, which happened right on Pinehurst No. 2: … Continue Reading

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The artistic side of Michelle Wie


Photo by Brad Barr, USA Today Sports

You’re all familiar with Michelle Wie, the golfer, but did you know she’s also an artist?

When Wie isn’t playing golf, you’ll likely find her out with friends or at home with a paintbrush in hand.

She dabbles in everything from painting watercolors to sketching. Her artwork is just as eclectic as she is, often featuring skulls and alternate realities.

” I don’t know how to explain them,” Wie told USA Today. “But they release some dark feelings in me, and to me, they make me happy.”

Wie had a tough time last week during the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic, failing to make the cut after coming down with flu-like symptoms. When she’s healthy again, look for Wie to be a major contender, riding the momentum of her U.S. Women’s Open win to a steady season.

Read USA Today’s full story about Wie’s artistic side here. 


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