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Add a dose of fun to your practice routine

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Is your practice routine getting stale? If so, it may be time to mix it up.

Our Golf Challenge Cards are a fun way to make the task more engaging. Each of the 52 playing cards contains a different challenge, with four different levels for golfers of all handicaps, to test and help develop shots on and just off the green. The cards are available in both short and long game versions.

Corien recently touted the awesomeness of the cards on the blog she runs with friend and fellow beginning golfer Breanna. The women received the cards while attending our Golf Academy earlier this year.

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Here’s what Corien wrote:  “Each card contains a tip or drill for improving your golf game. Some are for on-course play, and others are for the driving range, but all of them are challenging and a lot of fun! Next week, we’ve chosen a card that challenges us to play 9 holes while only using 6 clubs. It’s a great way to mix up your game and bring some more fun into the sport.”

Read the entire post over at their blog, Bump & Run.

Teaching pro Kelly Mitchum is the brains behind the cards.

“At the Golf Academy we’re big into trying to help people transfer their skills from the practice range out onto the golf course and this is one of the ways that we do that,” he said.

Mitchum talked about the cards during a segment filmed by CBS in 2012. Below you can view the entire clip and learn more about the man behind the unique training tool.

You probably want to try the cards out yourself. We’ve got your covered, purchase a fresh set here. 

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Video: Gators, golf, and the color commentary

Seeing this video – with the sound down – makes us glad that, at Pinehurst, we only have to worry about how many crackers a fox squirrel might steal from our golf bags.

But watching it with the sound down is a critical mistake. A horrible mistake. No, this video has to be heard as much as it has to be seen.

The real gem of this video is not the fight of two alligators on a golf course. No, it’s the running commentary we get from the guys who – we’re just saying – seem to get WAY too close, and care WAY too much about their round of golf.

Here, allow us to break this one down:

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Muhammad Ali’s golf swing


Muhammad Ali’s golf swing, captured by Golf Digest’s Brad Wilson in 1974.

A tremendous post here by Golf Digest and Clint Schrock, looking back to the moment 40 years ago when Brad Wilson got Muhammad Ali to take a couple of hacks at a golf ball in the midst of training for a fight. The photos ran in the October 1974 issue of Golf Digest.

A few excerpts from the post, which gives more background on how these photos came together:

Wilson asked if Ali would take some golf swings while Wilson took pictures with his Polaroid sequence camera. Ali told Wilson he’d never swung before at a golf ball, but he agreed to do it. When Wilson handed Ali an 8-iron, the champ asked, “How ya hold this thing?” After putting Ali’s hands on the club in a baseball grip, the next question was “What do I do now?” (Ali’s assistant trainer Drew) Brown jumped in with, “Just hit the ball, champ. Just hit the ball.” Wilson added, while pointing the camera at Ali, “Just do whatever feels natural.”

“Hey Angie, let’s quit boxing and start playing golf. We’ll get rich–and besides, that ball can’t hit back!”

With that, Ali hit what Wilson said was a surprisingly straight, 140-yard shot. Ali crowed, “How ’bout that Angie! You didn’t know I was a champion golfer, did you?” Wilson actually felt that despite the unorthodox look, Ali’s swing had some desirable elements: good shoulder turn, flexed knees, led the downswing with hips and legs, right elbow close to the side, head down, right shoulder lower than the left, and eyes remain fixed on the ball.

Ali hit a second ball solidly and continued his raving glee: “Look at that ball go! Nobody can knock the ball that far. Nobody but me, the great, the one and only Muhammad Ali!” A crowd of people started gathering to watch, and that just fueled Ali’s stage presence. He suddenly jumped away from the ball at one point and raised both hands into the air and crowed, “Muhammad Ali is the world’s greatest golfer! Nobody can beat Muhammad Ali! Not Arnold Palmer, not Jack Nicklaus, not nobody. I’m gonna make ’em look bad, predict the score, how bad I’m gonna beat ’em, everything — just like I do in boxing!”

Looking at Dundee, the champ said, “Hey Angie, let’s quit boxing and start playing golf. We’ll get rich–and besides, that ball can’t hit back!”

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Clarkie Carroll – Beyond his trick shot

Clarkie Carroll

Clarkie Carroll tees off at Glens Falls Country Club in New York.

Our buddy Clarkie Carroll, we’re happy to say, continues to do well following his treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

And his golf game? Well, it’s doing REALLY well.

Clarkie is 11 years old, and you may remember him from his outstanding trick shot his family sent us a couple of months ago:

That trick shot was performed just days after Clarkie completed 10 rounds of chemotherapy for a cancer that forced the removal of half of his right femur. As Clarkie’s dad, Dave, put it:

“10 months of chemo.

17 Rounds.

54 Treatments.

Zero Complaints.”

Now we have an update on Clarkie, whom you may have last seen when his video was featured on The Golf Channel.

Just a few months after finishing treatment, Clarkie won the Glens Falls Country Club Junior Championship. From the white tees, Clarkie made a clutch par on his 9th and final hole to preserve the victory by a single stroke. Count us among those not surprised one bit by Clarkie’s mental toughness.

We at Pinehurst are incredibly proud of Clarkie, who is the grandson of Tom and Joan Moynihan, who live at Pinehurst No. 7.

But it gets even better. Later this month, Clarkie is getting a chance to play Pinehurst No. 2.

His caddie?

Willie McRae.

Indeed, golf is a special game.

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What are the scariest shots at Pinehurst? You told us

5green (1280x960)

Some of the caddies call No. 2’s 5th green “Dead City.”

How do golfers get into the Halloween spirit? By contemplating the scariest shots in the game, of course.

Here at Pinehurst, there are plenty of tricky treats awaiting players.

Our Twitter feed has been chirping all afternoon with your thoughts on the Resort’s toughest shots. You’ll likely agree with some of our favorite responses. If not, you’ll at least have a good laugh.

Tell us which shots make you batty in the comments section below.

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