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Aces+Cars+Danielle Kang = More Great Golf Photos

What happens when you mix Danielle Kang, holes-in-one and cars?

Well, since it involves Danielle Kang, it means more great photography.

Trust us on this one.

Kang, who’s having a great 2014 on the LPGA Tour and is a two-time U.S. Women’s Amateur champion, won the 2011 North & South Amateur, and has been a friend to Pinehurst ever since. But she’s made headlines these last two weeks after making aces in events on Tour, winning cars for each.

We’re happy for Danielle, and not just because she’s an incredibly down-to-earth person and extremely kind.

It’s because these aces mean photo opportunities. And if there’s anything we’ve learned about Danielle over the last few years, it’s that she has a great eye – and ideas – for photography.

Like we said, take our word for it. But if not, here, we’ll rank our favorite Danielle Kang photos:

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2 golf balls, 1 putting stroke…and 5 questions

It’s happened before, and perhaps it’s happening againgolf trick shot post begats another golf trick shot post.

A few questions come up with this one, though. First, some explanation, thanks to

The putter here is Matthew Field, the distance covers just 6 feet, and the shot was done at Australia’s Brookwater Golf & Country Club.

OK, now that we have that out of the way…the questions:

  1. Real, or fake?
  2. What’s the deal with the opening seconds of the video, with the balls mysteriously rolling back to the putter?
  3. He doesn’t take very long to set it up, does he?
  4. Real or fake? We ask again because this is immediately the first question every skeptic asks on trick shot videos. So, if fake, HOW did he fake it?
  5. And if real, impressive?

Let us know what you think below.


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Bryan Brothers’ trick shots are a treat

The Bryan Brothers are at it again. This time, they’ve done something we’ve NEVER seen before — trick shots in the dark.

That’s right, they turned off the lights and used glow-in-dark gear to pull off a feat fitting for Halloween week.

The kicky background music and fantastic visual effects make this video quite a treat. See for yourself.

Want to see more of the Bryan Brothers’ trick shots? Check out their new website. 

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Michael Jordan wins again…

With the NBA season beginning, Michael Jordan, owner of the (returning) Charlotte Hornets, has taken over the @hornets Twitter handle for the day.

Which gave PGA Champion Keegan Bradley and Ryder Cup compatriot an idea.

Needle His Airness.

Then Jordan replied.

Game over, indeed.

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Your best memories of Payne Stewart


Our hearts grew about three sizes Saturday as we read your favorite memories of the late Payne Stewart.

Your posts proved Payne was far more than just a great golfer. He was a devoted father and husband, a thoughtful friend, a quiet mentor and a frequent prankster.

Check out a few of the best Payne stories and feel free to leave your own memories in the comment section below.


“I was just a 12 year old, brand new to golf. I watched Payne’s epic run at the U.S. Open with my grandfather, who had gotten me into the game. I had no idea at the time what I was witnessing. I thought so much of Payne Stewart and his style that I wanted to wear knickers when I played golf. My mother and I looked high and low for some to no avail. Not long after, the plane accident happened. I shed some tears when the news broke. He was my first golfing idol. Remembering the day my gramps and I watched that final round at Pinehurst is a very treasured memory of mine as he passed away a few years ago.”
-Tyler Garten

“As Payne came down the steps to sign his score card, I got to High Five him and say, “Happy Fathers Day, Payne!” His reply, ‘This is the greatest Fathers Day ever!'”
Pat Collins

“Growing up with him in Springfield, Missouri and having the pleasure of playing golf with him a lot. I served as an honorary pall bearer at his funeral. I had the honor of playing in the 2013 North South at Pinehurst. I finished 12th, but had a wonderful time and loved seeing all the wonderful treasures around the resort.”
-Stephany Jackson Powell

Payne statue

“While I was working for Arnold Palmer at North Port National Golf Club in Osage Beach, Missouri, we were having a grand opening featuring Payne, Arnold, Tom Watson and Lee Trevino in a televised Michelob Skins Classic. I was fortunate enough to give Payne a ride on a golf cart from 17 green to 18 tee. It was only a couple hundred yards, but we chatted a bit. When we arrived at the tee, he shook my hand and thanked me for the ride. He was a real class act, his death was a hard blow to the great game of golf.”
-Hal Hogan

“I saw and talked to him at the Buick Open many years ago. He was so charming and loved his fans. He talked about his haircut and his golf game, and was easy to approach.
-Brenda Schoener

“Watched Payne take a 10 at the par 3 12th hole at Muirfield Village. He always had a smile on his face and laughing with the crowd as the score on the hole increased. Class act.
– Jeffrey Mascolo


We lost Payne Stewart 15 years ago today. What are your favorite memories of the golf legend? We like this one.

A photo posted by Pinehurst Resort (@pinehurstresort) on


“At the Ryder Cup in Brookline during a practice round he walked up behind a little boy, put his arm around his shoulders and walked away about 10 yards. The boy thought it was his dad, so when he saw it was Payne he was so excited. Payne was very gracious. I will never forget that image of him.”

“The story of him filling Paul Azinger’s shoes with bananas after Zinger holed a bunker shot to beat him. Zinger was out doing all of the winner’s duties and Payne paid a clubhouse attendant to open Azinger’s locker. Zinger didn’t have a clue but immediately knew who was responsible. Great player, better man.”

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