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This cute little guy might need a visit to the Pinehurst Golf Academy

Let’s get Eric Alpenfels on the case…

(It’s even better with the sound on.)

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The Perfect NFL Quarterback Golf Swing

While Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan are stars on the gridiron – and the final quarterbacks still standing in the playoffs – they are also all active golfers. But what do we think about their golf swings?

Eric Alpenfels, the director of the Pinehurst Golf Academy, takes a detailed look at those swings and after viewing the video above, the amateur golfer can come to a quick conclusion:

Take one thing from each QB, and you may not only have the perfect NFL quarterback, you’ll also have a great golf swing.

  • Matt Ryan’s setup and arm extension at the top of the backswing
  • Tom Brady’s immaculate footwork at impact
  • Aaron Rodgers’ ability to maximize clubhead speed
  • Ben Roethlisber’s arm extension on the followthrough

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Should you putt sidesaddle? Maybe, if you pass this test

Bryson DeChambeau isn’t the first to try sidesaddle putting, but he did put it in play last week at the Franklin Templeton Shootout. It worked pretty well for DeChambeau, and it certainly worked late in Sam Snead’s career.


But could it work for you? The Pinehurst Golf Academy’s Eric Alpenfels takes a look and gives you one test that could determine if sidesaddle is the way to go for you.

Who knows, maybe we’ll need to come up with a new logo…

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5-year-old Tommy Morrissey shows how to swing like Jordan, Rory, Bubba, Lefty…and one you just HAVE to see

Chances are you’ve already seen the amazing golf swing of Tommy Morrissey. The 5-year-old has wowed audiences all over the world, has appeared on The Golf Channel and the Ellen DeGeneres Show and given clinics with an anti-bullying message through golf.

As you can see, Tommy is without much of his right arm, but that hasn’t slowed him…AT ALL. He’s impressed golfers of all ages, including meeting and playing with many of the game’s greats, from Tiger Woods to Arnold Palmer, from Phil Mickelson to Gary Player, to Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson.

With the help of his parents, including his father and coach Joe, Tommy has qualified for the U.S. Kids Golf World Championships in Pinehurst this year, and this week we brought him down to the Pinehurst Golf Academy to get a closer look at that wonderful golf swing.

And Tommy did not disappoint. One of the fun things he and his father like to do is to mimic great players’ golf swings. In the video above, you’ll see Tommy’s takes on the swings of Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Fowler, and yes, even Mickelson’s. You don’t want to miss this, and you especially don’t want to miss his last impersonation.

In between those mighty cuts, you’ll see what golf truly is for Tommy and his dad – pure fun. And that’s the best golf tip of all.

Play well, Tommy. We’ll get you on No. 2 soon…

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How to make Payne Stewart’s famed putt at Pinehurst

There’s a secret to making Payne Stewart’s famed putt to win the 1999 U.S. Open at Pinehurst.

You see, Payne knew something no one else can see.

But Pinehurst’s Willie McRae knows it. So does Eddie Mac.

So do all the Pinehurst caddies.

Want to make Payne’s putt?

Watch the video.

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