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Ross’ moonlight golf contest

MidnightPuttingPB 4-24

If you’ve never heard the story of Donald Ross’ moonlight golf contest against fellow professional Jack Jolly, we suggest you keep reading. 

Described by the Pinehurst Outlook as the “most novel and unique exhibition of its character that has ever taken place either in this country or abroad, during the long and brilliant history of the ancient Scottish game,” it got underway at 8 p.m. Jan. 9, 1906.

More than 200 spectators gathered for the match, which was suggested because of  the “rare quality of the moonlight here which the white, sandy soil makes doubly brilliant.”

Ross won the contest and it was concluded “moonlight golf is not only feasible, but in many ways, practical.”

“The novelty and interest, the strangeness and fascination, and the beauty of the night, made the occasion one of rare enjoyment which has led to a general expression of the hope that events of a like character may not be of uncommon occurrence in future,” the Outlook wrote.

Take a few minutes to read the entire story. Click the photos to enlarge for a better reading experience.



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Sharing our passion for Pinehurst

Starting this week, you’ll notice our team is sporting new nametags. Each one has been personalized with the individual’s favorite thing about Pinehurst.

We want the nametags to be a conversation starter, so feel free to ask our employees about their selection. This is a chance to learn something new about this special place.

As our team shares their Pinehurst passion, we hope you’ll do the same. We look forward to finding out what makes Pinehurst special to you.


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The best trick shot you’ve never seen before

When we stumbled upon this trick shot video 14 pages into a Google search – hey, what can we say, we loooooooooove golf at Pinehurst – we couldn’t believe it had just 8 total views.

There’s just so much here. The sneaky athleticism, the perfect bat flip, the sweet, sweet baseball swing. And then the kid’s comment at the end.

What’s not to like? This is genius.

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We fact-checked John Daly’s barefoot golf claim

When we had our chance to interview John Daly at Pinehurst recently, we got a lot of questions from our audience.

Perhaps the most common, though, was with regard to Daly’s playing Pinehurst No. 4 in bare feet.

Naturally, we had the same question, so when we had a few minutes with him, we asked him about it:

Daly’s answer seems to make sense, but, you know, it’s John Daly. Was he blowing smoke?

So we asked PGA Master Professional and Director of the Pinehurst Golf Academy Eric Alpenfels about it. Here is Eric’s response:

In my case, I have had students hit shots with their shoes off to create better footwork (not coming up on their toes) through impact. Overall, I would agree with Daly in the thought that it helps keep his balance as well.  

As a sidebar, I would be a little concerned about doing that on courses that are in the process of fertilizing. No need to end up with an extra toe. 

For more Pinehurst Golf Academy Tips, go here.

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Baby’s First Golf Grip

Walker Matthew Hilton, it appears, was literally born to be a golfer.

At 3 months old and proudly sporting his Pinehurst onesie, Walker got a quick golf lesson recently from his grandfather, Jeff Tipton. Knowing that a good grip is the foundation to every good golf swing, Jeff tried demonstrating for his grandson the proper form – and it was a moment captured beautifully on video.

Walker is the son of Matt and Tiffany Hilton of Fort Worth, Texas. While the video cuts off rather quickly, a reliable source reports to us that Tiffany was in a rush to hug her boy, leading to the abrupt end of the clip. We at Pinehurst champion this kind of response to such a perfect golf moment. Clearly, the slow motion replay reveals a rather accomplished student.

And it’s a good thing. More lessons, it seems, are coming.

“While he is a proponent of the baseball grip at the present,” writes Jeff Tipton, “his maternal grandfather is trying to guide him toward the Vardon grip in coming weeks.”

Keep the camera ready.

Walker Blog

Walker and “Pappy” Jeff Tipton


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