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Golf Channel Previews the Bryan Brothers at Pinehurst

On The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, Geoff Shackelford and Gary Williams discussed the Bryan Brothers’ sneak peak of their trip to Pinehurst to hang out with our favorite trick shot artist, Clarkie.

Here’s what you need to know about Clarkie Carroll:

He’s now 12, and if you watch the video above, you’ll learn Clarkie has battled a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Clarkie had half of his right femur removed (that’s where the tumor was), which was replaced by a titanium prosthesis. This resulted in his right leg being a few inches longer than his left.

Clarkie, clearly, loves golf (lacrosse, too), and he performed this trick shot at another Donald Ross course, at Glen Falls Country Club in New York. Clarkie’s grandparents, Tom and Joan Moynihan, live at Pinehurst No. 7.

He also did it after just completing 10 months of chemotherapy.

We’ll pause to let that sink in.

Clarkie’s doing well today, but he’ll be scanned quarterly for the next 5 years. He’s one tough – and talented – little kid.

His dad, Dave, put Clarkie’s toughness into words for us:

“10 months of chemo.

17 Rounds.

54 Treatments.

Zero Complaints.”


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Behind the scenes: The making of the Gingerbread Village

It takes Head Pastry Chef Joey Norombaba and his awesome team nearly a month to construct the Gingerbread Village that turns a corner of the Carolina Hotel lobby into a magical wonderland.

The display consists of the Carolina Hotel, The Village Chapel, a train station and three residential homes in Pinehurst.

So, what does it take to make the sweet creation?


200 pounds of sugar

150 pounds of handmade gingerbread

100 pounds of assorted candy including Twizzlers, peppermint, Snickers bars, gummy bears and Necco wafers

50 pounds of cooked Rice Krispies

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

Photo Nov 14, 4 13 39 PM

Caleigh adds lights to the interior of the Carolina Hotel replica.

Photo Nov 14, 4 17 50 PM - Copy

Our team bakes about 150 pounds of gingerbread for the Village.

Photo Nov 21, 4 25 16 PM - Copy

Kristin adds detail to the exterior of the Carolina Hotel.

Photo Nov 14, 4 18 20 PM - Copy

Chef Joey Norombaba works on lighting for the Village Chapel.

Gingerbread final

The Gingerbread Village will be on display in the lobby of the Carolina Hotel through the end of the year.

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Coming soon: The Bryan Brothers team up with Clarkie

Trick shot artists The Bryan Brothers spent the day in Pinehurst hanging out with our pal Clarkie Carroll.

You may remember Clarkie from a previous blog post where he showed off our favorite trick shot EVER.  At the time, the 11-year-old boy had just wrapped up 10 months of chemotherapy, which he received for a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Clarkie, who is now 12, is healthy today, but one thing hasn’t changed — he still loves trick shots. That’s what makes him and the Bryan Brothers the perfect team. Check out the short video the guys posted to their Instagram. It’s a great teaser to the full-length video they’ll upload later.

This is our #trickshottuesday with our boy @clarkie_carroll out here at @pinehurstresort!! #letsgo #golf #thisguysastud A video posted by Bryan Bros Golf (@bryanbrosgolf) on

… Continue Reading

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Celebrating Ross’ birthday with a look back at the restoration of No. 2

Screenshot 2014-11-24 10.05.22

In celebration of famed golf architect Donald Ross’ birthday, Matt Ginella took a look back at the restoration of Pinehurst No. 2 on Sunday’s Morning Drive.

“Almost every golfer in America has a Ross course just down the street,” he said. “Not too long ago Pinehurst ownership and management realized that after several alterations, the most important Ross design had gone down the wrong street.”

The segment includes interviews with then-President Don Padgett II and current President Tom Pashley as well as designers Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

“It’s a national treasure and we had to restore it,” Padgett said.

Watch the entire segment below.


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PTI – The Pinehurst Shoutout

At the close of Tuesday’s Pardon The Interruption (Nov. 18, 2014), Tony Kornheiser had a message for us – get him warmer.

Mr. Tony had planned a trip a month ago for he and a few ESPN buddies, including Karl Ravech, but as could only happen to Kornheiser, his trip ended up coinciding with the coldest snap of the year for Pinehurst.

Still, not bad…

So, as only Tony could do, he complained a bit.* But you know what? It makes for an even better story, and will for certain make us DVR PTI next week.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite the moaning, how did Tony do at Pinehurst? Try two rounds on No. 2, two on No. 4 and one on No. 8. That’s 90 holes in three days. How many trips to the sauna? That part remains unclear…

ANOTHER EDITOR’S NOTE: Great thanks to Tony, Mike Wilbon and all at PTI for proudly displaying the Pinehurst caddie bib on the set for a full week:



And perhaps nothing was better than the shot of the Pinehurst caddie bib on the pre-Thanksgiving episode, which featured Mr. Tony is, yes, a turkey suit:


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