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Paul Wahlberg rocks Pinehurst hat on “Wahlburgers”


It looks like Paul Wahlberg is a fan of Pinehurst No. 2. 

The older brother to famous Mark and Donnie donned a Pinehurst No. 2 hat during the most recent episode of the A&E reality series “Wahlburgers.” 

He wears the green cap during his time in Las Vegas, where he was scouting a new location for their restaurant also called  “Wahlburgers.”

The eldest Wahlberg is the restaurant’s executive chef and the star of the show, but Donnie and Mark appear regularly.

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50th wedding anniversary brings couple back to Pinehurst


Mike and Nancy Law board a horse-draw carriage in front of the Carolina Hotel. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday.

By Sarah Campbell

When Mike and Nancy Law started making plans for their 50th wedding anniversary, they didn’t have to look far to find a place to celebrate.

The Raleigh couple knew it had to be Pinehurst.

After all, they spent their brief, but memorable honeymoon here. The pair wed in between semesters – Mike was attending North Carolina State University and Nancy was a student at East Carolina University.

“We only had a few days, so we knew it had to be somewhere close,” Mike said. “Neither of us had ever been to Pinehurst, but we knew it was a great resort.

“It turned out to be a wonderful place.”

For their golden anniversary, Nancy figured the couple would travel to Pinehurst for a nice dinner at the Carolina Dining Room.

But Mike knew the occasion called for a bigger celebration.

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Add the Ryder Cup’s hummus to your party


Hummus 2

Can’t get enough hummus? Neither can we. 

It always starts with an innocent trip to fetch the hummus from the fridge. Then you have to decide what you’ll use to devour the creamy dip. Carrots, celery and sweet bell peppers are good, healthy options, but pita chips always seem to catch our eye. The crunch of the chip combined with the savory flavor of the hummus makes for a snack that’s nearly impossible to put down.

Last week, we gave you the recipe for the Ryder Cup Lounge’s Deconstructed Pork Nachos in preparation for the Super Bowl Sunday. If you want to give your guests a more figure-flattering option consider whipping up a batch of the restaurant’s hummus.

Red pepper is a popular flavor, but have you ever tried truffle hummus? Consider making a batch of each. Those who love the classic red pepper dip will have something to munch on and more adventurous eaters will be impressed with your unique creation.

Sounds like a win-win.

Note: Click on the recipe to enlarge for better viewing.

Red pepper hummus

Truffle hummus

Hummus 1



















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Six-time Grammy nominee Tierney Sutton returns to Heart ‘n Soul of Jazz

Tierney Sutton has had a long relationship with music, but she didn’t discover jazz until she was 20.

During her time at Wesleyan University, she became fascinated with artists like Bill Evans and Miles Davis.

“I fell in love with the beautiful harmonies and melodies of jazz,” she said. “Something in jazz was sad and complicated and beautiful and joyful, all at the same time.”

Sutton, a six-time Grammy nominee, will bring those emotions to the stage when she performs during the Heart ‘n Soul of Jazz concert Feb. 14.

The 30th annual event, held at the Carolina Hotel, will benefit the Arts Council of Moore County.

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Miniature golf born in Pinehurst nearly 100 years ago

It’s common knowledge Pinehurst is the home of golf in America, but did you know the nation’s first miniature golf course was built here?

James Barber constructed the course in 1918.

According to the Feb. 2, 1918 edition of the Pinehurst Outlook, the first people to play the course were the ladies of the Advertising Golf League on Jan. 26, 1918.

The article states: “For some time now Mr. Barber has been laying out and perfecting a miniature golf links winding in and out among the shrubbery and paths of his place — a kind of glorified and elongated putting green, with obstacles to be negotiated with a well pitched mashie shot, and bends and curves calling for nice and discriminating slices and pulls.”


The story goes that upon first seeing it, Barber proclaimed, “This’ll Do.” It was translated into Thistle Dhu and the name stuck.

Nearly a century later, Thistle Dhu returned to Pinehurst. 

The 18-hole putting course is designed to entertain everyone from the golfing beginner to the scratch player.

Click here to find out more about the putting course.

Thisle Dhu Vintage 1920

This photo of Thistle Dhu appeared in the 1920 edition of Country Life.






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