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Wednesday Practice Round Tee Times

Pinehurst No. 2 1st Hole

Pinehurst No. 2 1st Hole

NOTE: These are subject to change. More players may be added to this list throughout the day, and then again, they may not necessarily be released in time for the player to tee off. Follow us on Twitter @PinehurstResort for updates throughout the day.

First Tee

6:45 Kaymer, M.; Siem, M.; Kieffer, M.; Cejka, A.

6:56 Dobyns, M.; Watt, B.;

7:07 Simpson, W.; Mahan, H.; Wittenberg, C.

7:18 Wilson, C.; McNealy, M.

7:29 Horschel, B.; Every, M.; Stegmaier, B.; DeLaet, G.

7:40 Points, D.; Maggert, J.; Dubuisson, V.

7:51 Barlow, C.; Henley, R.; Jones, M.; Price, A.

8:02 Allenby, R.; Constable, D.; Goss, O.

8:13 Cabrera, A.; Gallacher, S.

8:24 Ogilvy, G.; Perry, K.; Stewart, H.; Ogilvie, J.

8:35 Na, K.; Echararria, A.; Blaum, R.

8:46 Senden, J.; Jaidee, T.; Hurley III, B.

8:57 Mason, N.; Stenson, H.; Norlander, H.


12:30 Fasth, N.; Jimenez, M.; Larrazabal, P.; Goosen, R.

12:41 Pavan, A.; Molinari, F.; Fernandez-Castano, G.; Thomas, J.

12:52 Glover, L.; Swafford, H.; Palmer, R.; Kisner, K.

1:03 McIver, B.

1:25 Stadler, K.; Colsaerts, N.; Lee, K.

1:36 Kaufman, S.; McDowell, G.; Love, S.; Fitzpatrick, M.

1:58 Walker, J.; Guthrie, L.

2:09 Quinn, F.

2:31 Willett, D.; Storm, G.



10th Tee

6:45 Stuard, B.; Mulroy, G.

6:56 Matusyama, H.; Taniguchi, T.

7:07 Bjerregaard, L.; Reed, P.; Compton, E.

7:18 Gates, B.; Berger, D.

7:29 Sutherland, K.

7:40 Luiten, J.; Doak, C.; Casey, P.

7:51 DeJonge, B.; Weekley, B.; Aiker, S.

8:02 Rask, C.; Garcia, S.; Wiesberger, B.

8:13 Fowler, R.; Tway, K.; Thompson, C.; Johnson. D.

8:24 Campbell, B.; Blair, Z.; Donaldson, J.; Poulter, I.

8:35 Miyazato, K.; Yano, A.; Rose, J.; Grimmer, W.

8:46 Leonard, J.; Kapur, S.; Furyk, J.; Watney, N.

8:57 Kirk, C.; Todd, B.; Kuchar, M.; Woodland, G.


12:30 Collins, C.; Duke, K.; Shelton, R.; Dorn, A.

12:41 Van Pelt, B.; Cink, S.; Johnson, Z.; Langley, S.

1:03 Bradley, K.; Donald, L.; Lewis, T.

1:14 Wilson, M.; Castro, R.; Toms, D.

1:25 Streelman, K.; Stricker, S.

1:36 Fisher, O.; Lowry, S.

1:47 Noh, S.; Kim, H.; Yang, Y.

1:58 Griffiths, S.

2:20 English, H.

2:42 Watson, B.; Baddeley, A.

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Video: Phil Mickelson tells the world: “Pinehurst. Is. AWESOME.”

Phil Mickelson couldn’t stop raving about Pinehurst No. 2 during his USGA news conference Tuesday.

“This place is AWESOME.”

That’s how he opened the proceeding.

We agree, Phil.

Play well.

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5 Best Spots to Watch the 2014 U.S. Open

You’ve probably heard it said before that Pinehurst No. 2 is a relatively easy golf course to walk. And while that’s true, it’s always good to take a break and sit for a while. Also, it gives you a chance to watch several groups come through rather than follow a few players.

With enough seating for 25,000 people, though, it might get a little overwhelming about which spots might be best.

So that’s where we come in.

Here are our favorite 5 spots to sit and watch the 2014 U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open.

If we don’t list your favorite, leave a comment below to help out your fellow spectators. (Or don’t in the hopes of saving your seat…)

… Continue Reading

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Tuesday Practice Round Tee Times

1st tee USGA

NOTE: These are subject to change. More players may be added to this list throughout the day, and then again, they may not necessarily be released in time for the player to tee off. Follow us on Twitter @PinehurstResort for updates throughout the day.

First Tee

6:45 Wiesberger, B.; Stuard, B.; Mulroy, G.

6:56 Collins, C.; Fisher, O.; Storm, G.

7:07 Blair, Z.; Baddeley, A.; Lowry, S.; McDowell, G.

7:18 Wilson, C.; Sutherland, K.

7:29 Henley, R.; Walker, J.; Watson, B.

7:40 Thomas, J.; Spieth, J.; Fowler, R.; Mickelson, P.

7:51 Na, K.; Kim, H.; Oh, D.; Matsuyama, H.

8:02 English, H.; Swafford, H; Whitsett, C.; Shelton, R.

8:13 Bradley, K.; Donald, L.; Doak, C.; Johnson, D.

8:24 Leonard, J.; Gribble, C.; Hurley III, B.; Wilson, M.

8:35 Miyazato, K.; Yano, A.; Noh, S.; Yang, Y.

8:46 Kirk, C.; Todd, B.; Constable, D.; Rask, C.

8:57 Glover, L.; Cink, S.; Johnson, Z.; Furyk, J.


12:30 Watney, N.; Stricker, S.Mahan, H.; Streelman, K.

12:41 Mason, N.; Alker, S.; Allenby, R.

12:52 Cejka, A.; Cabrera, A.; Berger, D.; Compton, E.

1:03 Perry, K.; Grimmer, W.

1:14 Westwood, L.; Clarke, D.; Bjerregaard, L.; Poulter, I.

1:25 Liang, W.; Kapur, S.; Jaidee, T.

1:36 Ogilvy, G.; Van Pelt, B.

1:47 Tway, K.

1:58 Gates, B.

2:31 Gossett, D.; Kuchar, M.; Toms, D.; Woodland, G.

2:42 Liindheim, N.


10th tee USGA

10th Tee

6:45 Colsaerts, N.

6:56 Stadler, K.; Price, A.; Dobyns, M.; Jones, M.

7:07 Reed, P.; Lee, K.

7:18 Snedeker, B.; McIver, B; Haas, B.; DeJonge, B.

7:29 Willett, D.; Gallacher, S.; Casey, P.; Koepka, B.

7:40 Barlow, C; Quinn, F.

7:51 Scott, A.

8:02 Kaufman, S.; Castor, R.; DeLaet, G.; Blixt, J.

8:13 Dufner, J.; Goosen, R.; Palmer, R.

8:24 Taniguchi, T.; Fasth, N.; Holmes, J.; Stewart, H.

8:35 Duke, K.; Larrazabal, P.; Jimenez, M.; Pampling, R.;

8:46 Dorn, A.; Love, S.; Weekley, B.; McNealy, M.

8:57 Pavan, A.; Molinari, F.; Fernandez-Castano, G.; Donaldson, J.


12:30 Guthrie, L.; Campbell, B.; Blaum, R.; Points, D.

12:41 Horschel, B.; Every, M.; Stegmaier, B.; Senden, J.

12:52 Stenson, H.; Norlander, H.; Whittenberg, C.

1:03 Kieffer, M.; Kaymer, M.; Echavarria, A.

1:14 Simpson, W.; Langley, S.

1:58 Lewis, T.

2:42 Day, J.; Goss, O.

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The Building of Pinehurst No. 2’s 18th Hole Grandstand – in 75 seconds

Construction of the 18th hole grandstand on Pinehurst No. 2 began on May 14. Over the course of about two weeks, we took 850 images at 10-minute intervals. You can see the results.

Great thanks to photographer John Gessner for putting this together for us.

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