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Glenda Colebrook was always moving. And then, the call came.

Glenda.Colebrook (1200x675)

Glenda Colebrook at The Spa at Pinehurst.

Waiting can be the hardest part for the 64-year-old grandmother of two. And so when diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago, that’s exactly what Glenda Colebrook decided she wouldn’t do.

By Alex Podlogar

GLENDA COLEBROOK CAN MOVE. Really move. At 64 years old and with two grandsons ages 6 and 2, you’d think she might have a hard time keeping up.

Actually, it’s the other way around. Cecil and William have learned they must always be on their toes.

She is a whirlwind of boundless energy, and as quick with a southern smile and a “thank you, ma’am” as she is with her first step. A retired nurse, you don’t have to wonder how quickly she navigated long hallways.

Thirteen years ago, though, Colebrook went in for what she thought was a routine mammogram. But what begins as routine while leafing through months-old magazines in the waiting room quickly becomes anything but the moment a mass is spotted.

More tests were needed to determine what the spot really was. Glenda was prepped for a biopsy, which would determine the next course of action. The needle was horrible. The procedure hurt. The results, though, wouldn’t be available for two weeks.

Glenda Colebrook couldn’t hurry. She would have to wait.

“…And wait and wait and wait,” she says. “Now that was terrible.”


COLEBROOK IS NOT TALL, closer to 48 inches than 5 feet. She doesn’t walk so much as she glides, as if she were perpetually attached to one of those electronic walkways in the airport terminal. She always seems to be moving forward, and with purpose.

Every day, there are things that need to be done. And Glenda Colebrook is capable of getting them all crossed off of her list, thank you very much. Morning coffee. Afternoon sweet tea. Go.

Yes, ma’am.

But at 51, in 2002, there were those results. They were out there, somewhere. On a piece of paper far from her reach, was her fate.

The call came.

And this time, Glenda Colebrook was finally stopped in her tracks. … Continue Reading

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We still miss you, Payne

October 25th marked the 16th anniversary of the tragic passing of Payne Stewart.

We still miss him. Always will.

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Celebrate fall with a Pinehurst coloring page

Help us celebrate fall at Pinehurst by coloring this sketch of Golf Lad!

Kids can get creative and adults can do it as a way to unwind from a long day.

Scan your finished product or take a photo to share with us. Post your creation in the comments section below!

Click the sketch below to enlarge and print!



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47 years and counting, Frolin welcomes Pinehurst guests with a smile

By Sarah Campbell
Pinehurst Resort

He’s not a celebrity, but nearly everyone who visits Pinehurst can call him by name.

As Frolin Hatcher drives a golf cart around the main clubhouse a man calls out to him – “Froooolin, hello there my friend,” he says, waving wildly.

A woman reaches out her hand the give him a high five.

“How’s it going, Frolin?” another man yells out.

This isn’t a fluke. People know Frolin because he’s been greeting guests with a smile six days a week since 1968. That makes 47 years today.

“This job has never been hard to do,” he said. “I love people and I get to meet different people from all over the world every day.”

… Continue Reading

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Imagine what the Pinehurst Golf Academy could do for you

The Pinehurst Golf Academy made these changes to this player’s swing in under 90 minutes recently.

Now, imagine what the Pinehurst Golf Academy could do for you.

And in case that’s not enough for you, just remember this guy is one of the instructors.

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