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Gary Player Calls His Shot at Pinehurst

Gary Player, the 9-time major champion and world class humanitarian, visited Pinehurst recently. And not surprisingly, the greatest bunker player who’s ever lived jumped into one of Pinehurst’s many bunkers near famed Maniac Hill to hit a few shots.

Also not surprising, Player knew a good shot when he saw it.

This is just the first in several videos of Player at Pinehurst we will share throughout the week. Check back here for more.

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Long winter? No problem for Pinehurst No. 2

Pinehurst No. 2 Superintendent Kevin Robinson, right, stands with Bill Coore during the Pinehurst No. 2 restoration.

Pinehurst No. 2 Superintendent Kevin Robinson, right, stands with Bill Coore during the No. 2 restoration.

A fluky winter unlike any of the past 2 decades prompts the question: Has it affected No. 2′s readiness and playing conditions for the back-to-back U.S. Opens?
Not at all

The countdown ticker to the left of this missive on The Pinehurst Blog clicked down to 90 a week a week and a half ago. That’s when Kevin Robinson, the course superintendent of Pinehurst No. 2, took real notice of the impending arrival of the unprecedented back-to-back national championships scheduled on the 107-year-old golf course.

“It hit 90 and I said, ‘Wow,’ it’s almost here,” Robinson says. “It’s like it’s ticking down five at a time now instead of one.”

Robinson is making an early morning tour of the course on the second day of spring, dressed in layers and warm gloves as the sun rises above the horizon and begins boosting the 35-degree temperature. All golf superintendents are slaves to the 10-day weather forecast, and Robinson winces a little at the specter of a couple of upper-20 degree nights forecast for the following week.

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Video: Unbelievable Tandem Trick Shot – By Kids – AGAIN!

Oh man, they did it again.

But this time they increased the degree of difficulty.

If you follow golf – and especially if you follow golf on social media – chances are you’ve seen the ridiculous trick shot pulled off by two California high school golfers, Zachary Christman and Eric Angeles. Heck, if you’ve been anywhere near SportsCenter and the Golf Channel, you’ve probably seen their incredible shot.

Now they’ve upped the ante.

Zachary shared their newest video with us Thursday morning, and as you can see, they made things a little tougher on themselves, adding a friend and a bench in between the two shots. And it’s a longer shot. We agree with Eric – this is indeed cool.

A little more about the kids. They are high school juniors and met as freshmen at Alhambra High School in Martinez, Calif. AND GET THIS: Zachary (second shot) has only been playing golf for about two years! Eric (first shot) has been playing for 6-8, he says.

Let’s hope they keep adding to the shot – and that they keep sharing. They’re quickly becoming like the NBA Dunk Contest – you know, when it was still cool and great.

And to Zachary, thanks for sharing with us. We’ll find a way to get you guys to Pinehurst one day to try the shot at The Cradle of American Golf.

Here’s the original:

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Ben Hogan Breaks Through – At Pinehurst

When Ben Hogan came to Pinehurst in 1940, he was nearly broke and winless. Pinehurst changed everything.


The world of sports is full of riveting and emotional breakthrough stories.

Golf – and Pinehurst – are no different.

Quarterback John Elway finally won his first Super Bowl at the age of 37 in 1998. North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith had been to six Final Fours without a title before winning the grand prize in 1982, and the Boston Red Sox ended an 86-year World Series drought by beating St. Louis in 2004.

“(Hogan) was walking around the golf course like a volcano on the verge of eruption.” – Gene Gregston

The feelings of Elway aptly summed up years of frustration they and many others have felt: “You wonder if you’re going to run out of years. But fortunately, I hung on.”

And when Ben Hogan came to Pinehurst in 1940, he was barely hanging on.

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Unbelievable tandem trick shot – by kids!


Count us among all of those who hope this trick shot by these two kids is real.

Tell you what – anybody know how to reach these kids? If so, we’d sure like to see them try to recreate this one on the 18th fairway of Pinehurst No. 2!


UPDATE: This post has proven to be our most popular blog post in history. In fact, it was our most popular blog post in history within about two hours of posting it.

We can thank the great video…and U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell:


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