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Vietnam War veterans reconnect through Facebook post

Carolina photo blog

This photo of the Carolina Hotel brought two Vietnam veterans together after more than 40 years after it was posted to the Pinehurst Resort Facebook page on Sept. 18.

Terry Heyl is typically a quiet Facebook user, skimming his newsfeed for photos of his grandchildren and rarely commenting. That changed Sept. 18 when he spotted a familiar name, Dave Langley.

Langley left a comment under a photo of the historic Carolina Hotel. “Good morning. See you in 8 days!” he wrote.

Twenty minutes later, Heyl replied to Langley’s post: “Were you in Da Nang?”

Langley’s response said it all: “YES. OMG. Terry!”

Vets blog post screen cap

It turns out the men, both Air Force veterans, were roommates during the Vietnam War.

“I haven’t seen him since ’72,” Heyl said. “Isn’t that something?”

Since discovering each other through that faithful Pinehurst Resort post, they’ve exchanged email addresses and chatted several times.

Golf will continue to bring the men together when they meet up next month for the first time in four decades to get reacquainted with a round.

It’s unlikely they’ll go another 40 years without seeing each other as both men frequently visit Pinehurst. Heyl’s son-in-law, John Jefferys, is the new Superintendent of Pinehurst No. 2 and Langley owns a house at Pinehurst No. 6.

We’re happy Pinehurst is a small part of their story. Read their entire interaction below.

Vet facebook convo

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Pinehurst No. 2 honored with Golf Digest’s Green Star Award

Martin Kaymer reacts on the 18th hole after winning the 2014 U.S. Open on Pinehurst No. 2. (Photo by the USGA)

Martin Kaymer reacts on the 18th hole after winning the 2014 U.S. Open on Pinehurst No. 2. (Photo by the USGA)

After successful back-to-back U.S. Opens, Pinehurst earns recognition for outstanding environmental practices

Pinehurst No. 2, which hosted the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open in consecutive weeks this summer, has received Golf Digest’s 2014 Green Star Award for Outstanding Environmental Practices.

No. 2 was honored with the award because it has “implemented water reduction programs in startling and instructive ways.” In 2014, in fact, Pinehurst No. 2 will use about 73% less water than in 2009 – the last full year prior to the beginning of a major restoration project that eliminated Bermuda rough and reintroduced sand and native wiregrass.

“We’re thrilled to receive this honor from Golf Digest,” said Bob Farren, Pinehurst’s Director of Golf Course and Grounds Management. “We didn’t set out for this, but I think it shows that we’ve brought Pinehurst No. 2 back to the way it was meant to be played, with firm and fast conditions that reflect the natural terrain of the North Carolina Sandhills.”

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Add a dose of fun to your practice routine

Fullscreen capture 11102014 34356 PM.bmp

Is your practice routine getting stale? If so, it may be time to mix it up.

Our Golf Challenge Cards are a fun way to make the task more engaging. Each of the 52 playing cards contains a different challenge, with four different levels for golfers of all handicaps, to test and help develop shots on and just off the green. The cards are available in both short and long game versions.

Corien recently touted the awesomeness of the cards on the blog she runs with friend and fellow beginning golfer Breanna. The women received the cards while attending our Golf Academy earlier this year.

Fullscreen capture 11102014 32717 PM.bmp

Here’s what Corien wrote:  “Each card contains a tip or drill for improving your golf game. Some are for on-course play, and others are for the driving range, but all of them are challenging and a lot of fun! Next week, we’ve chosen a card that challenges us to play 9 holes while only using 6 clubs. It’s a great way to mix up your game and bring some more fun into the sport.”

Read the entire post over at their blog, Bump & Run.

Teaching pro Kelly Mitchum is the brains behind the cards.

“At the Golf Academy we’re big into trying to help people transfer their skills from the practice range out onto the golf course and this is one of the ways that we do that,” he said.

Mitchum talked about the cards during a segment filmed by CBS in 2012. Below you can view the entire clip and learn more about the man behind the unique training tool.

You probably want to try the cards out yourself. We’ve got your covered, purchase a fresh set here. 

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Video: Gators, golf, and the color commentary

Seeing this video – with the sound down – makes us glad that, at Pinehurst, we only have to worry about how many crackers a fox squirrel might steal from our golf bags.

But watching it with the sound down is a critical mistake. A horrible mistake. No, this video has to be heard as much as it has to be seen.

The real gem of this video is not the fight of two alligators on a golf course. No, it’s the running commentary we get from the guys who – we’re just saying – seem to get WAY too close, and care WAY too much about their round of golf.

Here, allow us to break this one down:

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Marshall Park honors accomplished Army general


General wreth

Marshall Park now has a more prominent location at the corner of N.C. 2 and Carolina Vista Drive.

Thousands of people have walked past the 10,000 pound granite monument since it was erected in 1959.

Those who have stopped to read the inscription know the stone pays homage to George Catlett Marshall.

The U.S. Army general resided in Pinehurst from 1952 until his death in 1959.

During that time, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to restore Europe’s economy following World War II. You may remember learning about the Marshall Plan during history class.

After serving as Chief of Staff, he was tapped for Secretary of State. He went on to become the President of the Red Cross and Secretary of Defense.

Resort officials celebrated Marshall’s role in history by placing the monument on the property in 1959 and naming the area around it Marshall Park.

It was moved in 1972 to make way for the tennis courts. Last year, it was relocated to a more prominent location at the corner of N.C. 2 and Carolina Vista Drive.

Dozens of people gathered Friday morning to re-dedicate the monument and park, paying tribute to Marshall’s leadership.

General 1

Gen. Raymond Odierno, Army Chief of Staff, speaks Friday during the ceremony.

“General Marshall is by far one of the most decorated Americans who has ever lived,” said Gen. Raymond Odierno, Army Chief of Staff.

Marshall said the park’s new location is special because it’s easy to access by foot or car.

“Village officials and residents, the (Pinehurst) Community Trust and Resort worked together to ensure the park’s prominence for decades to come,” he said. “They did this to educate all those who visit Pinehurst and really honor the legacy of service which General Marshall is known.”

“General Marshall is by far one of the most decorated Americans who has ever lived.” – Gen. Raymond Odierno, Army Chief of Staff.

Odierno said Marshall and his wife, Katherine, were active members of the community, attending services at the Village Chapel and taking in movies in Southern Pines. They bought a one-story cottage on Linden Road in 1944 after a stay at the Carolina Hotel.

“They would host guests, both local and famous, at Liscombe Lodge,” he said. “But it was not for the fame that the Marshalls moved to Pinehurst, it was the sense of belonging that (they) felt here from the start. The warmth, the congeniality and the patriotism they felt every single day best defined this wonderful community of Pinehurst.”

Pinehurst native Marty McKenzie, a local history buff, said he hopes the monument’s new home will make it more accessible to both residents and visitors.

“Hopefully, we will see Scouts, schools and civic groups visit the stone and be inspired to learn more about our wonderful American history,” he said.

General army band

Members of the Army Ground Forces Band’s Brass Quintet play before the re-dedication ceremony gets underway.

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