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Pete and Alice Dye and their Pinehurst connection

Pete and Alice Dye were Pinehurst regulars long before they were famed golf course architects


Pete Dye remembers playing a practice round for the North and South Amateur in the mid-1940s and encountering two older gentlemen strolling the No. 2 course and talking to some of the competitors. One of the men was J.C. Penney, the department store magnate. The other was Donald Ross, the golf course architect.

“After the round, we were in the bar and everyone was excited about having met J.C. Penney,” Dye says. “I can’t remember a single person thinking it was special he’d met Donald Ross. That’s hard to believe looking back.”

Dye and his wife and golf design partner Alice go way back in Pinehurst.

Pete was a soldier during World War II and was stationed at Fort Bragg in nearby Fayetteville.

Pete Dye_Pinehurst

Pete Dye at Pinehurst in the 1990s.

“The lieutenant colonel was an avid golfer and had a car,” Dye says. “It was a lot easier to come over here and play golf for three bucks than stay on the base and do KP duty. I had the greatest time coming over here. I’ve played that golf course more than the law should allow. I’ve looked at that thing ’till I’m blind.”

Alice O’Neal was a noted amateur golfer from Indianapolis and met Dye at Rollins College in 1946. Alice played many of the top amateur tournaments and was a regular in the Women’s North and South Amateur (and would win it in 1968). During those competitions, she developed a lifelong friendship with Richard Tufts, the president of Pinehurst Inc. and a noted golf administrator. … Continue Reading

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Jordan Spieth surprises Ben Crenshaw

The praise for Jordan Spieth seems never-ending following his popular Masters victory on Sunday, and no one seems more pleased than Spieth’s mentor, Ben Crenshaw. Spieth had a whirlwind media tour on Tuesday throughout New York, but carved out 5 minutes to surprise Crenshaw during the 2-time Masters Champion’s SiriusXM Radio show, Crenshaw on Golf.

According to the producers, who took us behind the scenes with this video, they knew Jordan was going to call in during the show, but decided not to let Ben in on that part of the rundown, introducing the caller as “Jordan from New York.”

It’s tough to hear Jordan’s end of the conversation – turn your volume all the way up and you can make out most of it – but the emotion in Gentle Ben’s voice is evident. And as the conversation continues, so too is Crenshaw’s pride. Spieth is every bit as gracious here as he has been all week, addresses “Mr. Crenshaw” and speaks about winning at Ben’s final Masters.

Finally, at around 4:20 we find out another nice detail. That green jacket? Turns out it’s also pretty comfortable.

UPDATE: Here is the video updated with with full sound:

Jordan Speith clip w/full sound

Posted by Crenshaw on Golf on Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Everybody really, REALLY likes Jordan Spieth – The Best Tweets

An odd thing happened on Sunday afternoon.

No, not Jordan Spieth’s historic Masters performance. That wasn’t odd. By Thursday afternoon, anyone who knows anything about golf probably had a feeling that it was only the beginning of what we all eventually witnessed on Sunday.

The odd thing was what happened after a simple Facebook post we made on Sunday evening, right around the time Spieth was walking up the 18th fairway. We posted a video of a 14-year-old Spieth talking about his ultimate goal – winning The Masters.

It took off.

Not a bad goal at 14 years old.

Posted by Pinehurst Resort on Sunday, April 12, 2015


As we wrote this, that Facebook post had been shared more than 130 times and had reached more than 55,000 Facebook users. It seems golf fans…err, patrons have a new favorite player.

So we checked Twitter again.

Yes, something is happening right before our eyes. The kid is beloved, and we are seeing the love affair blossom in real time.

Everybody really, REALLY likes Jordan Spieth. Here is just a sampling of the best tweets to prove it:

… Continue Reading

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Watch a 14-year-old Jordan Spieth talk about winning The Masters

Perhaps we should add “soothsayer” to Jordan Spieth’s repertoire? Seen in this Dallas TV news piece, check out Spieth’s “ultimate goal” – from when he was 14 years old.


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Enjoy complimentary pimento cheese sandwiches while watching the Masters at Pinehurst


It’s a Southern delicacy that’s become synonymous with the Masters: the pimento cheese sandwich.

If you can’t make it to Augusta to savor one in person, you can enjoy the tradition here at Pinehurst. We’re serving up complimentary pimento cheese sandwiches during television coverage of the tournament.

Stop by any of our dining venues to watch the Masters and snack on our own version of the pimento cheese sandwich. We suggest washing it down with a cold beer or sweet tea, you really can’t go wrong with either.

Here’s a look at the 2016 TV schedule:

3 to 7:30 p.m Friday: Live second round coverage (ESPN)
3 to 7 p.m. Saturday: Live third round (CBS Sports Network)
2 to 7 p.m. Sunday: Live fourth round coverage (CBS)

If you’re hankering for a pimento cheese sandwich year round, Golf Magazine has provided the recipe to create your own Masters-style version. Click here to view it.

Oh, and just for fun watch The State’s video from the Masters.

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