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KT – The Spa at Pinehurst Has You Covered


The Spa at Pinehurst boasts the largest KT-certified massage staff at any resort on the East Coast.

By Jennifer Malia Roche

You may have seen various athletes during the summer Olympics – and certainly Michelle Wie at the U.S. Women’s Open right here in Pinehurst – sporting bands of brightly colored tape on their arms and shoulders and said to yourself, “Now, what the heck is all that?”

Despite what it looks like, the tape is not a fashion statement. “KT,” as we like to call it in-house, was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase over 30 years ago. The method uses a specific type of tape that is applied over and around muscles in order to assist and give support or to prevent over contraction.


Novak Djokovic routinely uses KT as well.

Don’t be fooled by shady substitutions. You may have seen this tape for sale in places like Dick’s or Wal-Mart, but that tape is:

  • A) Not professional-grade tape or;
  • B) Something you can just slap on yourself.

An in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology is required, which is why it should only be done by certified practitioners using the real-deal tape.

Like us.

In the summer of 2013, The Spa at Pinehurst massage team underwent intensive two-day KT training and as a result is now the largest, KT-certified massage staff at any resort on the East Coast.


KT Sessions can booked through Spa Reservations for $110 and are 50 minutes long. They include an assessment and tape application for up to two zones. You’ll also get access to the Spa pool, sauna and steam room with your session.

We’re not promising it will improve your golf game (although…Michelle Wie, so you do the math), but it surely couldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

So before you head to the first tee of No. 2, ready to make that check mark on your bucket list, make sure you’ll be at your very best. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Malia Roche is the Spa Director at Pinehurst Resort.

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The Fix Is In – One Man’s Experience at the Pinehurst Golf Academy

Most people would say Lee Pace is a pretty good golfer. But Lee knew his game was slipping, and it needed help in a hurry. So he signed up for the Pinehurst Golf Academy, which fixed Kris Wilson (above) - and now Lee’s got his game back.


When my six-iron scruffed the turf a solid inch behind the ball and the resulting worm-burner scalded 15 yards left of my target on the 17th hole of a round last September—and then I repeated the same action on 18—I knew I needed help. Detox. Surgery. Medication. An out-of-body experience. Anything.

It was time to bury the 2013 summer golf season. It had been quite the disappointment.

I shot a pair of 77s on a 6,850-yard Tom Fazio course in late-June and early-July, but from there my game deteriorated over the summer into a blur of drives that faded weakly to the right on one hole and caromed off the world into pull-hook purgatory the next. I hit hybrid clubs fat and I stood frozen over 15-yard greenside recoveries, pondering a lofted wedge or a low-running chip and in the end being lucky to get the ball within 25 feet of the hole.

No confidence, too much junk in the head—that’s no way to play golf.


“Here it is—your downswing is too shallow. That’s where those fat shots are coming from,” Eric Alpenfels tells me one Friday morning in mid-October, holding court in the Pinehurst Golf Academy amid a hitting bay and phalanx of video cameras, laptop computers and high-def television screens.

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Pinehurst Stories: Golf as Life, By Donald Ross

Donald Ross believed golf was a beautiful metaphor for life. The great Bill Campbell explains.

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Video: Pinehurst Stories – Fletcher Gaines: Great Caddie, Better Player

Before he became the best golfer in the world and won back-to-back U.S. Opens, Curtis Strange was an NCAA star at Wake Forest. While there, he won back-to-back North and South Amateur Championships at Pinehurst No. 2 – with the legendary Fletcher Gaines on his bag.

Gaines, as you see in the video above, had a storied history at Pinehurst, and is a charter member of the Pinehurst Caddie Hall of Fame. Known for his quick wit and encyclopedic knowledge of the greens at Pinehurst, not only did Gaines dispense advice for such giants as Julius Boros and Tommy Armour, he was also a considerable player in his own right. Having won Pinehurst’s annual caddie tournament more than anyone else, the tournament now bears his name. Once, in the 1960s, Gaines played four straight rounds from the back tees of No. 2 and shot 71-71-72-71-285 – 3 under par.

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Goodbye, Snow. Hello, Golf

One of the great things about Pinehurst is even when we experience a fluky snowstorm, in less than a week, we’re ready to golf again.

So goodbye, snow. Hello again, Golf.

And, maybe, Hello Early Spring:


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