Pit Crew Challenge

This exciting team building event gives your company the chance to offer clients, employees and prospective customers an inside peek at the world of auto racing!

Activity Details

To begin, all participants will attend an instructional meeting to learn more about the duties they will perform as if they were an actual pit crew.  The group will then participate in a tryout/draft to form teams. Teams will participate in at least two practice rounds to decide and delegate who will perform which tasks. The goal is for teams to improve communication skills as well as the management of their time, resources, and information.

The competition will be conducted in elimination rounds, based on time. Time penalties are issued for such infractions as loose lug nuts, work performed after the race car hits the ground, etc…. and in the end there will be an awards ceremony for the winners as well as Certificates of Completion for all competitors of the Pit Stop Competition. Activity time is approximately 3-4 hours.

Professional Instructors, race cars, and all equipment required to perform a pit stop will be provided. This challenging yet rewarding activity can be held at Pinehurst Resort or at the race track. Pricing is for groups of 1-12 people.

Activity Pricing

At Pinehurst Resort – $3,500.00
Additional participants – $300.00 per person

At Rockingham Speedway – $3,300.00, plus transportation
Additional costs apply for groups exceeding 12