Spa Workshops and Group Programs

We’ve designed these workshops and services to bring a sense of relaxation, well-being and balance to your meeting participants.

Relaxing Chair Massage (60 minutes per chair) $175
Our elite massage therapy staff will provide relaxing chair massages at your registration desk or any of your group functions. Using expert touch on the back and shoulder areas, our therapists set the tone with a five-minute massage for each guest. This is a perfect welcome for your meeting attendees.

“Awaken” Stretch Break (15 minutes) $85
Unwind during a stressful meeting by inviting our professional instructors to lead the group in a deep breathing and stretching session. These techniques will diminish the intense environment and awaken the mind before or during the meeting.

Golfer’s Stretch Program (60 minutes) Maximum of 10 – $225
Perfect just prior to your round of golf. A certified personal trainer will lead your group in a variety of stretches that will help you get loose prior to golfing.

Traditional Yoga (60 minutes) Fewer than 20 – $225; 20 or more – $350; Maximum of 30
Allow your group to partake in low-impact fitness that revitalizes the mind, body and soul. Our professional instructor will lead participants through a series of breathing exercises, stretches and meditation, leaving attendees feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.

Pilates (60 minutes) Fewer than 20 – $225; 20 or more – $350; Maximum of 30
Allow your group to tone and sculpt their bodies with a low intensity, calorie-burning workout. Our fitness instructor will guide the group using dynamic sequences and controlled movements that will leave them feeling full of energy.

Express Menu

All services are 25 minutes.

Interested in treating your attendees to a few minutes of relaxation during their down time? We offer abbreviated options of some popular treatments.


Tension Tamer $60
Let us focus on what ails you the most.

Reflexology $60
Concentrating on specific pressure points on the feet, our trained professionals create a deep sense of relaxation.

Grounding Ritual $50
Indulge yourself with a scalp massage and foot treatment in this perfectly paired duo.


Mini Facial $60
This facial treatment is designed to cleanse and moisturize skin. No extractions.

Professional Peel $60
Instantly improve your skin’s texture and tone.

Eye Refresh $50
Say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles.


Mini Manicure $35

Mini Pedicure $45
Cleaning, shaping and polishing for your fingers and toes.

Men’s Grooming for Hands $30

Men’s Grooming for Feet $40
Trimming, cleaning and buffing for your hands and feet.

Express Menu services are available Sunday – Thursday. Reservations are required.

Our Spa Group Sales Manager is at your service and ready to help with every detail of your group’s experience. Please contact us with any questions or to begin your planning process.


Allison Kavulich
Spa Group Sales Manager