11 reasons to come to Pinehurst to watch the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball

What’s better than coming to Pinehurst to play golf? How about coming to Pinehurst to play AND WATCH great golf?

From May 27-31, Pinehurst will serve as the site of the 2017 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship, the ninth USGA national championship to be played at Pinehurst. It is the third playing of the Four-Ball, which consists of 128 sides, or two-man teams, playing best ball. The first two rounds are stroke play rounds, where the field will be divided and play Pinehurst No. 2 and No. 8. After that, the championship is cut to a 32-team match play bracket on No. 2.

Here are 11 reasons for you to find a way to get to Pinehurst for a few days.

THE U.S. AMATEUR FOUR-BALL IS PERHAPS THE MOST INCLUSIVE ALL OF ALL THE USGA CHAMPIONSHIPS. There are no age restrictions for teams, teammates are not required to come from the same club, state or country, and the qualifying handicap index is 5.4 and lower. Enter a qualifier, play well (or maybe your partner plays well), and you can find yourself playing for a USGA championship.

PINEHURST IS OFFERING A 30 PERCENT DISCOUNT ON MOST PACKAGES FROM MAY 25-29. Need we say more? Call 800-487-4653 or visit Pinehurst.com for more information.

Pinehurst No. 7 is a terrific option to play when visiting Pinehurst Resort.


OTHER PINEHURST COURSES WILL BE OPEN FOR PLAY. While you’ll have the opportunity to see championship-level golf on two of Pinehurst’s elite courses, there are also rounds to be had on great Pinehurst layouts, including No. 4, No. 6, No. 7, No. 9 and the newly shaped and re-routed No. 3.

THE FOUR-BALL IS GOLF YOU RECOGNIZE. Especially when it reaches match play, the Four-Ball is golf you’ve likely often played on weekends at your home course with your buddies. Split the foursome into two teams and go head-to-head. Which is great because…

THE PRESSURE IS ON, AND YOU FEEL IT. One of the great things about watching the Four-Ball is when there is an errant shot, one player is left to pick up the slack. Can he carry his partner this time? Can he save the team? What if he has to do it again and again? Or how sweet is it to see the other partner come through the next time? Pressure at the Four-Ball is palpable – and PERSONAL.

IT’S THE PAYNE STEWART PRINCIPLE. Remember the story about why Payne decided to wear plus-fours? He wanted to stand out in a sea of golfers who all looked the same. The thought has merit at the Four-Ball. Go to a range on the PGA TOUR, and generally all of the swings are perfect, are so good you could probably never match them, and everybody looks the same. At the Four-Ball, though, you see all manners of homemade swings finding ways to get around great golf courses, and the players come in all shapes, sizes and ages. There’s a 14-year-old, three 15-year-olds and a pair of 61-year-olds in the field.


THE STORYLINES. There are great stories to be found in the field, and even more will emerge as the championship takes shape. Will Grimmer – Kid 59 at Pinehurst – returns to the place where everything changed for him. Donald Padgett III will try to establish his own legacy at Pinehurst in a way his grandfather or father never did. Stewart Hagestad, the low amateur from The Masters, will try to win a USGA championship. There are three father-and-son teams. There are three teams of brothers.


IT’S PINEHURST. With well over a century of amateur championship experience, you know the Four-Ball is going to be a well-run event surrounded by people who love the game. Come enjoy it with us.