2012 Pro-Member Palumbo Cup [Video]

The Pro-Member Palumbo Cup, the first tournament of its kind at Pinehurst Resort, was competed at The Centennial, Pinehurst No. 8, on Monday, Nov. 12. The event was played in conjunction with Pinehurst’s annual Palumbo Cup, a match play tournament among the two dozen Pinehurst golf professionals played in honor of the late Frank Palumbo, a revered pro at Pinehurst.

The Pro-Member Palumbo Cup featured 17 five-player teams, each featuring a Pinehurst golf pro and four members. Among the golf pros participating in the inaugural event was PGA Tour veteran and Pinehurst member Darron Stiles, who is the all-time money-winner on the Web.com Tour and will return to the PGA Tour in 2013.

“This is a pretty unique event,” said Pinehurst President Donald Padgett II. “I don’t know of another club that can feature as many golf professionals, including a PGA Tour pro, for an event like this one.”

2012 Pinehurst Pro-Member Palumbo Cup

2012 Pinehurst Pro-Member Palumbo Cup

The winning team, with a 60, was Geoff Lynch’s group, which included members Howard Milligan, Howard Schwartz, Hugh Menzies and Ronald Center. Placing second with a 62 was Shannon Smith’s group (featured in the last highlight clip above), which included David McNeill, Charles Terrill, Jerome Phelps and Joyce McWane. In third, also with a 62, was Kyle Fera’s group (featured at 1:00 in the video), which included Richard Moss, Pat Milligan, Patricia Williamson and Liz McClain.