Only 3 ingredients needed to mix up our Holiday Mint Julep

Holiday Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is essentially a Southern tradition served on ice.

That’s why the Ryder Cup Lounge reinvented the cocktail for the holiday season. Instead of using plain white sugar, our bartenders mix up a brown sugar, mint-infused simple syrup.

The great thing about this drink is you only need three ingredients, so it’s easy to make at home.

If you’d rather enjoy it out and about with friends, stop by the Ryder Cup inside the historic Carolina Hotel.

Holiday Mint Julep

2 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon

1/2 oz. Brown sugar, mint-infused simple syrup

Crushed Ice

Fresh mint

Drop about 5 mint leaves in the bottom of a tall glass.

Add simple syrup. (Note: Make the simple syrup by boiling equal parts brown sugar and water with a few mint leaves)

Muddle the mint leaves.

Fill the glass with crushed ice.

Add the Woodford Reserve and stir.

Holiday Mint Julep 2

You only need three ingredients to make the Ryder Cup’s Holiday Mint Julep.