5 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

IT’S OFTEN BEEN SAID AT PINEHURST that, as you begin your slow drive down Carolina Vista, with The Carolina Hotel revealing itself more and more with each second, time feels as though it begins to slow down.

And during the holiday season, what better gift is there than time slowing down?

Here are a few suggestions we’ve found that have been studied to help people deal with the stress that comes from the holidays.


The Village of Pinehurst


It’s no fun leaving the house for work when it’s dark, and then drive home the same way. It’s like you missed the entire day.

Beat the Stress: Find a way to get outside for some part of the day. Even if it’s chilly, just soaking in the sun will help and recharge your day.

How We Can Help: Obviously, a round of golf anywhere at Pinehurst will shake the doldrums, but even just an hour on our short course, The Cradle, can do the trick. Not a golfer? No worries. Take a 5-minute stroll out of the decorated Carolina Hotel and into the quaint Village of Pinehurst, where a variety of shops and restaurants can make for a great afternoon.

The Holly Inn, a.k.a “Bert’s Place.”


Maybe the people around you aren’t getting outside enough, either. And while you have a lot going on, so does everyone around you. Traffic is worse during the holidays, tempers are short and emotions can begin to run hot.

Beat The Stress: Find the happy people. Sounds simple, of course. But we all have that one friend who always seems – in your eyes, at least – to have it together. Meet for coffee. Meet for lunch. Call them out of the blue. Don’t text – Call. You know they’ll pick up. They always do.  Then do it again next week.

How We Can Help: Have you met Alberta Travis at The Holly Inn?

The Taterman Tots


We didn’t say “Eat Healthy.” Don’t go crazy, but indulge a little. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an extra dessert. Try a new restaurant, or a new recipe. A new take on the same old thing is like a gift to yourself.

How We Can Help: You thought tater tots were just for kids? Try them here. The Mac ‘N’ Cheese at the Ryder Cup Lounge is awesome. Hushpuppies aren’t just hushpuppies at The Tavern. And steak isn’t just steak at the Carolina Dining Room. You get the idea.


Can’t go for a walk? Turn off the cell phone for an hour. Can’t meet for coffee? Shut down email for 30 minutes. Stuck with your bland turkey sandwich? Get away from a screen and read a few pages of a book with lunch. Whatever it takes, try to unwind for a short period of time to recharge.

How We Can Help: Try a rocking chair on one of Pinehurst’s verandas, whether it’s at The Carolina Hotel or overlooking the 18th green of Pinehurst No. 2. Voicemail will catch any missed calls and email will still be waiting. As Eliza implored Alexander, take a break.

The Spa at Pinehurst


You’ve always heard it’s better to give than to receive. And it’s true. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do both. It’s the holidays, so put a little aside to gift yourself.

How We Can Help: Oh, we got this.




Happy Holidays!

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