50th wedding anniversary brings couple back to Pinehurst


Mike and Nancy Law board a horse-draw carriage in front of the Carolina Hotel. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday.

By Sarah Campbell

When Mike and Nancy Law started making plans for their 50th wedding anniversary, they didn’t have to look far to find a place to celebrate.

The Raleigh couple knew it had to be Pinehurst.

After all, they spent their brief, but memorable honeymoon here. The pair wed in between semesters – Mike was attending North Carolina State University and Nancy was a student at East Carolina University.

“We only had a few days, so we knew it had to be somewhere close,” Mike said. “Neither of us had ever been to Pinehurst, but we knew it was a great resort.

“It turned out to be a wonderful place.”

For their golden anniversary, Nancy figured the couple would travel to Pinehurst for a nice dinner at the Carolina Dining Room.

But Mike knew the occasion called for a bigger celebration.

“I said ‘No, no, no, we’re going to go down and spend the night. We can have Sunday brunch then walk through the Village,’” Mike Law said.

“And that’s what we did,” Nancy said.

The coupled checked in to the Carolina Hotel on Saturday, bringing along two grown sons and their spouses.

“We had a marvelous time,” Nancy said. “The staff at the hotel went all out for us, we felt very special.”


Nancy and Mike Law pose with their 50th anniversary cake Saturday in the Carolina Dining Room.

A blind date brought the couple together more than a half-century ago. A friend suggested Mike take Nancy out for a game of bridge and dinner, but he wasn’t too keen on the idea having never met her before. He agreed to the date after stopping by her house for a short visit.

“I’m glad I passed muster,” Nancy said with a laugh. “Fifty years later we’re still in love.”

And, believe it or not, Nancy is still trying to learn bridge.

“I guess I’m a slow learner,” she said.

After marrying the North Carolina natives moved around the country, living in Florida, South Carolina and, most recently, Pennsylvania. They returned to North Carolina at the end of last year.

“We’re glad to be home,” Nancy said.

The pair enjoys traveling, but they’ve limited their 2015 adventures to North Carolina in order to reacquaint themselves with the Old North State.

“It’s a wonderful state and it’s been refreshing to explore it again,” Nancy said.

When they aren’t traveling, the couple finds plenty of ways to fill their time.

Mike is an avid tennis player who enjoys participating in mission trips with his church.

Nancy is more of a homebody who likes to read and work on her needlepoint. She’s learning to play the dulcimer and plans to share her music at nursing homes.

Those hobbies have been the foundation of the Laws’ happy marriage.

“I think having your own individual interests is good,” Mike said. “I think you have to agree to let each person have their own time away.”

Mike’s tennis tournaments and job in the business world gave him plenty of opportunities for travel.

Nancy said her husband recognized she needed her own time away.

“He called them mental health weekends,” she said. “He would take the children and I would go off with my girlfriends. I enjoyed and appreciated that.”

The other key to a long-lasting marriage? Hard work, the pair said.

“It’s not easy, you have to work at it,” Mike said.