7 things to do at Pinehurst this spring

1. Take in the beauty

The iconic “Pinehurst” topiary that welcomes guests to the Carolina Hotel is a sight to behold any time of year, but it’s even more enchanting during the spring when it’s remarkably lush and green.

Everywhere you go, you’ll see flowers blooming and hear birds chirping. Take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the Pine trees.

Experience the beauty of Pinehurst in just 30 seconds by watching the video below:

Wasn’t that wonderful? Now imagine seeing it all in person.

 2. Play golf


Spring is one of the most intoxicating times of year to play golf at Pinehurst. The courses are in pristine shape and the weather is pure bliss.

The temperatures top out in the 70s or 80s most days, creating ideal golfing conditions.

We’ve already mentioned the beauty, but it should be said that the courses are stunning this time of year thanks to the dogwood trees and azaleas that add pops of color to an otherwise green landscape.

Click here to view of spring golf packages. https://www.pinehurst.com/offers/category/golf-packages/

3. Hit the tennis courts

Our world-class tennis center features 18 clay and three hard courts.

Skip the gym and head for the tennis courts. You can get a great workout in while soaking up the sun.

We offer 18 clay courts and a game-matching service to connect you with local players for a friendly competition.

Click here to learn more about our tennis offerings.

4. Enjoy live music

Spring means it’s time for live music at the Ryder Cup Lounge and Tavern.

Both restaurants host musicians from 7 to 10 p.m. every Friday and Saturday.

The music varies, but it’s always something that adds to the ambiance of the evening. Grab a drink and soak it all in.

5. Explore the Village

Carriage Village

Don’t leave Pinehurst without taking a trip to the heart of the Village.

Quaint is an understatement. You’ll feel lighter as your stroll through the New England-style streets.

Complimentary guided walking tours are available. Ask for details at Resort Services.

If you prefer to explore the Village on your own, you can request a historic walking guide from Resort Services.

Another great way to take in the history of the Village is by booking a horse-drawn carriage ride with Frank Riggs.

Riggs, who has been giving tours of the Village for more than 35 years, has a unique insight that you’ll find both charming and informative.  Click here to learn more.

6. Pamper yourself


After spending the winter bundled up, you’re probably dying to crack out your flip flops.

If you’re feet aren’t quite ready for their debut, we can help. Our Peppermint Pine Pedicure includes our very own organic longleaf pine salt scrub and tingling peppermint foot mist. The best part: It’s 80 minutes, so you can enjoy a long lower leg and foot massage.

Schedule a pedicure at The Spa at Pinehurst by calling 855.424.0321 and view our full menu of services here. 

7. Savor the tastes of the Sandhills


When you eat at our dining outlets, you’ll be treated to the freshest ingredients available.

Many of our ingredients come from farmers right here in the area thanks to Executive Chef Thierry Debailleul’s commitment to the farm-to-table movement.

Click here to read about how Shawn Aoki, the Carolina Dining Room’s Chef de Cuisine, is inspired by fresh ingredients.