A little cold weather doesn’t halt golf games

Pinehurst Snow 1

FILE PHOTO: It rarely snows in Pinehurst, but we know some of you are pros when it comes to golfing in the cold. See what some of our followers had to say about their chillest golfing experiences.

Temperatures climbed to nearly 70 degrees Sunday here in Pinehurst. Today, they’ll hit just 30 degrees. Folks, that’s a 40-degree difference in just 4 days. 

The good news: No snow accompanied the freezing temperatures. The even better news: Forecasters predict highs in the 50s all next week.

We thought we’d use this cold spell to have a little fun, so we asked our followers to tell us about the coldest weather they’ve ever golfed in. It turns out some of you are pretty hardcore and for that, we salute you. Golf on, friends.

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Screenshot 2015-01-08 14.17.19

If you need a place to warm up after a round of golf, we suggest grabbing a book and heading over to the Holly Inn. See what awaits….