Add the Ryder Cup’s hummus to your party


Hummus 2

Can’t get enough hummus? Neither can we. 

It always starts with an innocent trip to fetch the hummus from the fridge. Then you have to decide what you’ll use to devour the creamy dip. Carrots, celery and sweet bell peppers are good, healthy options, but pita chips always seem to catch our eye. The crunch of the chip combined with the savory flavor of the hummus makes for a snack that’s nearly impossible to put down.

Last week, we gave you the recipe for the Ryder Cup Lounge’s Deconstructed Pork Nachos in preparation for the Super Bowl Sunday. If you want to give your guests a more figure-flattering option consider whipping up a batch of the restaurant’s hummus.

Red pepper is a popular flavor, but have you ever tried truffle hummus? Consider making a batch of each. Those who love the classic red pepper dip will have something to munch on and more adventurous eaters will be impressed with your unique creation.

Sounds like a win-win.

Note: Click on the recipe to enlarge for better viewing.

Red pepper hummus

Truffle hummus

Hummus 1