Best chip shot ever?

OK, maybe not best EVER. (Tiger at 16?)

But at Pinehurst, we know a thing or two about the importance of the short game. And so when we recognize game, we like to share it.

And considering how much we like trick shots, this was a no-brainer.

As many people familiar with Pinehurst know, visiting the Pine Crest Inn for a few drinks and chipping into the fireplace is a time-honored tradition. And Dennis Frischmann does it quite well.

Donald Ross approves, and so do we. Still, good luck holding the green…

We chatted with Frischmann after seeing the shot, and got a few more details. Visiting Pinehurst on a trip with a few friends, Frischmann said he initially tried the shot about 20 minutes before the video,missing high and right. But then, feeling confident (and perhaps with some liquid courage…just sayin’), Frischmann asked his friend Danny White to get the phone ready because, as Frischmann recalls, he said, “I am sinking this on the first try.”

And then he did.

“On a stack of Bibles, that was the FIRST take!!!” Frischmann wrote us. Judging by the reaction, we believe him.

And what does Frischmann say right before he plays the shot?

“Why do they make this game so easy?”

Hey, he backed it up.

Well done, Dennis.