Best trick shot (involving a football and basketball hoop) ever?


William Rainey is pretty good with a golf ball.

But give him a football, a basketball hoop, a lob wedge, and sometimes, a breadstick from Olive Garden, and he’s money.

So money.

Rainey is a freshman golfer at the College of Charleston. He is from Charlotte and went to South Mecklenburg High School.

And he might be college golf’s best trick shot artist.

The football and basketball hoop? He pulled off that one from his Charlotte backyard last summer.

“I always have a football or a basketball laying around,” he says on the phone from Charleston. “I had tried that shot before, and actually made it the day before. So the next day after getting back from the golf course, I told a friend to film it.”

They were there all day, right?


“Me and my friends are always trying to think about crazy shots. I guess we get really bored sometimes.” -William Rainey

“It only took six tries,” laughs Rainey.

Rainey said the shot is from about 45 yards, and he used a lob wedge.

“Me and my friends are always trying to think about crazy shots,” Rainey says. “I guess we get really bored sometimes.”


He never knows when inspiration will strike. On a golf trip to Savannah, the team had dinner at Olive Garden. And you know, those breadsticks can resemble a golf club. (LOVE the placement of the Charleston cap there. Kid knows what he’s doing.)



And then there’s the hallway shot.



Rainey, who helped College of Charleston to a conference championship this season by finishing third, and will soon be playing in the NCAA Regional, is no stranger to Pinehurst, having played often in the Winternational series and the Donald Ross Junior Championship.

He has a scheduling conflict that will keep him from attempting to qualify for the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst.

That’s OK.

While there may be wire grass and slick greens on No. 2, there are no hoops or footballs.

But there is an Olive Garden nearby…

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