Brewing Pinehurst Pale Ale


Our upcoming Taste of the New South festival is dubbed a food and wine weekend, but beer lovers will find plenty of craft brews to sip during the three-day event.

We don’t usually pick favorites, but there is one beer everyone will want to try – Pinehurst Pale Ale.

A few members of our team recently traveled to Highland Brewing Company in Asheville to take part in the brewing process.

We used Citra hops and lemon peel to give the beer a refreshing hint of citrus. The addition of dried rosemary creates an earthy flavor that’s distinct without being overpowering. Both elements give the beer a nice aroma.

It’s a light, easy-drinking beer that we think everyone will love.

“It should be perfect for tailgating, oysters and drinking outside on a pretty weekend,” said Highland’s Toby Arnheim.

If you can’t wait until the festival to try the brew, you can take part in our launch party a few weeks before Taste of the New South. We’ll announce the details on our social media accounts soon.

Now, you may be wondering what it was like to actually brew beer. I won’t lie, it’s pretty awesome. We started the process about 8:30 a.m. and didn’t finish up until after 3 p.m. There’s a lot of science involved in the process, so we won’t go into the nuts and bolts. Instead you can see our team hard at work:

Pinehurst Pale Ale will be served during both the welcome reception and Carolina Oyster Roast & Pig Pickin’ Friday, Sept. 4. It will be used Saturday to make Beer Bloody Marys for the Sip ‘n Stroll Historic Walking Tour. You’ll have another chance to enjoy it during Saturday’s Southern Tailgate Lunch.

If you like what you taste, you’ll be able to purchase a growler to sip at home.

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