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USTA Tennis at Pinehurst – 90 Years Young [Video]

Last week, Pinehurst Tennis Club hosted the USTA National Men’s 70, 85 and 90-plus Clay Court Championships. Dozens of the top older tennis players in the country descended on Pinehurst to try to earn one of the coveted gold balls, handed out to players who win USTA championships.

One of the most well-attended and fervent matches was the 90s-plus Doubles Championship, pitting Santa Barbara, Calif.’s Robert Sherman, who’s won an incredible — and record — 127 gold balls in his tennis career, and Raleigh’s James Clavesse versus William Kuntz, of Mandeville, La., and W.T. Mathis, of Johnson City, Tenn.

Robert Sherman USTA

Robert Sherman, 92, won another USTA gold ball in Pinehurst.

In a match played with vehement competitive spirit – a racket may have been tossed clayward here and there, and Clavesse may have let out an audible “Ah, c’mon!” (check the video) — the match left spectators, tournament officials and other players in awe at the play, talent and ability of the four players, who returned to play in the 90s singles tournament a day later. For the record, Sherman/Clavesse defeated Kuntz/Mathis 7-6 (7-1), 3-6, 6-2.

And please, please…

Please, don’t miss the dap.

(The fist bumps, y’all.)

So, what do you think you’ll be doing at 90?

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The Spa at Pinehurst – Breast Cancer Awareness

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Spa at Pinehurst offered free services to breast cancer survivors. To remember those survivors and honor those fallen, Spa clients and staff released pink and white balloons to cap an event that was emotional, moving and hopeful.

Among those on hand Monday, Megan Burke, 9, enjoyed a free haircut for “Locks for Love.” Megan grew her hair long for a year just to be able to donate it for hairpieces and wigs for those fighting cancer.

Donations will be accepted at The Spa throughout the month of October, with 100 percent of all funds donated to the Pretty in Pink Foundation. A portion of all Spa therapies sold during the month of October will also be donated.

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“Iron Chef” at Pinehurst

Pinehurst Resort Chefs Jay Hunter and Daniel DeFusco compete in an “Iron Chef” cook-off on the final day of the 24th Labor Day Food and Wine Festival at The Carolina Hotel. The two chefs were judged by festival guest chefs Damien Cavicchi (Biltmore Executive Chef) John Hui (Executive Pastry Chef, Pebble Beach Resorts) and Ruth Van Waerebeek (Executive Chef, Concha y Toro).

“One thing Pinehurst makes sure of is that when you are here, you are comfortable in a family setting,” says DeFusco. “Pinehurst is a giant family, and we just keep inviting more guests in to be a part of it.”

“It’s a team at Pinehurst,” says Hunter. “Even though it was a competition today, it’s a team.This winefest is not possible without (the patrons) and without the team. Hats off to the chefs this weekend. They did a phenomenal job.”

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The Nervous Guy’s Guide to the Spa Experience

Spa exterior

I’ll let you in on a little secret about myself. Do with it what you will.

I worry a good bit. Maybe I don’t worry as much as my lovely wife does, but then again, I’m not the one married to me.

Still, I get pretty nervous in new situations. I’m better than I used to be, when I was a hot mess. But 15 years of being in media has helped me get past many of the pre-jitters jitters.

I think you need an example. And I’ve got a doozy. Let’s say me, average 36-year-old guy, was given the opportunity to relax – in the middle of a work day, no less – at a luxurious resort spa. And not just any spa. The Spa at Pinehurst — one of the best resort spas in the nation.

For most people, they would’ve jumped at an opportunity like this the moment they were given the green light. Me? I took my foot off the gas kind of hoping the light would turn to yellow.

The Roman Catholic I am, however wishy-washy I may be decades past Confirmation, I knew going in I had enough of a hurdle just to get over the guilt of taking in the Spa while others in my department worked. “Oh, so the new guy gets to the go to the Spa under the guise of gathering a marketing sense of the place. Yeah, surrrre.” That was the line going through my head, over and over in a “Call Me, Maybe” maddening spiral of repetition. (Oh c’mon! This link isn’t nearly as bad as the others! Go

The guilt is no small thing. But I could dumb myself past that. “This is for work.” Say that to yourself enough times, and eventually you’ll become convinced that this is all good.

But there was more. Another lingering feeling.

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