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5 Reasons to Choose the Pinehurst Golf Academy

Golfers can fall into a trap, beating balls on the range endlessly and hoping to find the magic somewhere in the dirt. After all, it worked for Hogan.

But we’re not Hogan.

Here are five reasons why you should seek help at the Pinehurst Golf Academy.

It’s Science

While the Pinehurst Golf Academy is routinely listed as one the best golf schools in the world, there are a few things that set it apart even further. Much of what Pinehurst does – its teaching methods, its drills, its coaching – is rooted in substantial research and science.

Master Golf Professional and the Director of the Pinehurst Golf Academy, Eric Alpenfels, is a regular presenter at the World Scientific Congress of Golf – held every four years and hosted by, ahem, St. Andrews. Why? Because Alpenfels’ research over the last 25 years is that highly regarded in all facets of golf, from instruction to technology to equipment. It’s nice to have Einstein in a polo watching your swing.

Something called “Transfer Practice”

Pinehurst’s practice range, dubbed Maniac Hill, is one of the very first practice ranges in all of golf. And while a good deal of Golf Academy instruction is done on this historic land, well, there are NINE golf courses at Pinehurst. So you’ll want to get on the course, right?

Well, getting back to research, Alpenfels over the years has found that a golfer is going to improve more quickly if he can immediately take what he’s learned at the range to the course. And so in Pinehurst, there’s on-course instruction with a Pinehurst golf pro as part of the daily routine.

What’s better than learning from short-game wizard Kelly Mitchum in the morning, and then taking that info directly to the most demanding short-game course in the world, Pinehurst No. 2?


Speaking of, You Get to Meet Kelly Mitchum

He’s played in four PGA Championships, dozens of PGA Tour events, the Walker Cup, was a U.S. Amateur semifinalist and won the North & South Am. Now he’s teaching you.

Oh, and dude can do this:

You’re the VIP

There may be no better guest experience at Pinehurst than that of a Golf Academy student. Overnight accommodations, breakfast in the morning, followed by golf instruction, lunch, golf instruction on the course, time to play the course in the afternoon, evening socials and dinner, and a lot of times, new friends for life.

Like many resorts, Pinehurst encourages post-stay surveys with our guests. Every single year, the Pinehurst Golf Academy gets the highest scores in total guest satisfaction. The numbers don’t lie.

It’s Pinehurst

Ouimet. Hagen. Snead. Hogan. Nicklaus. Watson. Payne. They all won here.

The 1936 PGA Championship. The 1951 Ryder Cup. In 2024, Pinehurst will host its fourth U.S. Open in just 25 years, something no site has done in a century.

But it’s not just that history.

Now the Pinehurst experience includes The Cradle, its fun new 789-yard short course. It includes Thistle Dhu, a 75,000-square-foot, 18-hole putting course. It’s the Putter Boy. The Payne Stewart Statue. The Village Chapel chimes. The Deuce, an open-air pub overlooking the 18th hole of Pinehurst No. 2. And soon, we’ll welcome the Pinehurst Brewery and a redesigned Pinehurst No. 4.

Need we say more?

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Mike Golic’s Golf Rant is Shut Down When He Underestimates Pinehurst

As we like to say in the South, bless him.

Bless you, Mike Golic. And bless you, Trey Wingo, for putting Golic in his place.

It’s all good fun here, and we’ll admit we’re playing this with our tongue planted firmly in cheek. Still, we enjoyed it immensely this week on ESPN’s Golic & Wingo when Golic tried to call BS on golfers who like to walk when they play. Wingo agreed, but only to a point, mentioning that when he gets the opportunity to play historic courses, he’s always going to walk. “I would always rather walk on Pinehurst No. 2,” Wingo says.

Here, though, is where Golic thinks he sees an opening.

“I will not lie,” Golic starts, his face beginning to light up. “I like to walk on Pinehurst 6.”

But Wingo knows he has him, and cuts the former NFL defensive tackle with a chop block.

“That is a course, by the way,” Wingo says completely deadpan, knowing he’s got him.

“Is it really?” Golic responds. “Dammit.”

Then Wingo lets him have it for a few seconds.

Golic, though, can’t leave it alone, and tries to save it.

“But I heard Pinehurst 6 is a par-3,” Golic tries, in vain.

Wingo has him again. Bless him.

“No, it’s not a par-3. That would be The  Cradle, the new situation (at Pinehurst).”

Golic now, though, seems excited.

“Oh, now that’s what I would like,” Golic says, before getting even more info from Wingo, who continues to preach the Pinehurst gospel.

Truly, fellas, thanks for the kind words. And Golic, you’re welcome any time to try The Cradle.

Or Pinehurst No. 6.

As for you, Trey? The tee is yours.

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How You Can Help

If you were following Golf Twitter on Wednesday, you may have come across Alan Shipnuck’s devastating feature on about golf course designer David Kahn’s family. After years of trying to have kids, David and his wife Karen were finally blessed with beautiful twins, Amelia and Makenzie (yes, named after Alister).

But both girls have been diagnosed with juvenile Batten disease, an exceedingly rare neurological disorder for which there is no cure. The Kahns are on borrowed time.

But they are also incredibly inspiring, and have begun a foundation – ForeBatten – to raise awareness and money for research. From the story:

This Monday, March 12, the ForeBatten Foundation will host its inaugural fundraiser at TopGolf in Scottsdale. The ambitious goal is to raise the $800,000 needed to fund a critical new research study. David has tapped his many friends and contacts in golf to assemble a dazzling array of auction items.

Pinehurst has joined the auction, offering a foursome on Pinehurst No. 2 and rounds on The Cradle. It’s just a very small part of an amazing array of auction items. If you’d like to bid on the Pinehurst No. 2 item, you can go here. To peruse all of the items, go here.

We wish the Kahns the very best of everything.


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This Tiger/Phil stat is ridiculous

Amazing game, right?

Golf really is great. We hope you’ll visit us this year.

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The kid has game, too

Curtis Strange has long been a strong advocate for Pinehurst, and won the prestigious North & South Amateur twice while he was at Wake Forest, in 1975 and 1976.

It appears his 5-year-old grandson already has some game, too. Note the amount of “break” he played here.

We had only one comment for Curtis:

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