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To Pinehurst, With Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re fortunate we don’t need to look very far to find people who love Pinehurst. And so, with that in mind, we asked a few people around here what they feel in their hearts about this place.

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Larry Goins (left) and Frolin Hatcher

Larry Goins, Clubhouse

“Every season is new. It is always real refreshing to come back to work…rain, shine, sleet or snow. A spring day is my favorite, but every day is a beautiful day here. We even love it when it rains. We have raincoats and umbrellas, and if our feet get wet, we just put on dry socks.”

Frolin Hatcher, Clubhouse

“It doesn’t feel like 50 years here for, and I don’t feel like I’m 75 years old either. Once you get into it, the time just goes by. I think this is the ideal place for me. I love people, and keeping them smiling, that’s our deal.”

Ben Bridgers, Director of Golf

“What I love most about Pinehurst is really something I feel every day walking around this special place – it’s the incredible history. Whether it’s standing on the first tee of Pinehurst No. 2, hitting balls on Maniac Hill or just walking through the hall of the clubhouse, you are presented with this feeling that everyone who has been important in our game for the last century has walked in these same footsteps. It’s Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones, it’s Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, it’s Payne Stewart and Tiger Woods, not to mention legendary caddies like Jimmy Steed, Fletcher Gaines and Willie McRae. It’s hard not to have chills when you think about it.”

Willie McRae, Legendary Caddie

“You know, people ask me all the time what’s so special at Pinehurst. And I tell ’em, ‘All the girls here are pretty and everybody treats you real nice. Ain’t nobody here ever treated me bad…Well, not since the 1940s anyway, but they were from New York.’”

Nancy Sadler, Member Relations Manager

“To me, what’s wonderful about Pinehurst is that every day, you see that memories are being made. And in those moments when you realize that you’ve had a small hand in helping someone make these lasting memories – memories that they may keep with them for the rest of their lives – it is especially gratifying.”

Alberta Travis, Holly Inn Front Desk Supervisor

“My husband always tells people, ‘My wife wakes up every morning with that smile on her face, so I know she enjoys her job.’ You kind of accumulate family members over time. You get to know people and you really care about them.”

Thierry Debailleul, Executive Chef

“I love the southern food traditions with a modern approach in a busy and vibrant resort year-round. I also love the heavy weight of what Pinehurst represents in the sport of golf, and matching the foods to that expectation. I appreciate the mission to train cooks and chefs into the culinary arts within such a historic resort with a vision into tomorrow, but carrying so much of the past in our kitchens.”


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Payne Stewart’s other big putt and “fist-pump” on Pinehurst No. 2’s 18th

ABOUT 24 HOURS BEFORE HE MADE THE PUTT THAT EVERYONE IN GOLF WILL FOREVER REMEMBER, PAYNE STEWART had an equally important putt – one for birdie – on the 18th hole of Pinehurst No. 2 at the 1999 U.S. Open.

He made that one, too. And it gave him the lead heading into Sunday’s final round.

And while there’s not a full-throated celebration – it was only Saturday, after all – Payne did lightly shake his fist in triumph, giving us all a glimpse of what was to come.

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Michelle Wie looks back on her triumph at Pinehurst

Michelle Wie reflects on her U.S. Women’s Open triumph in this terrific video by the USGA. Really love how honest she is here about the nerves she felt down the stretch on Pinehurst No. 2:

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Is this the worst lie ever?

This one’s from our friends at The European Tour. Still waiting to hear how this turned out for Paul Dunne:

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That Pinehurst Video You All Love

The title is pretty self-explanatory: So often we hear from our guests how much they enjoy the in-room documentary about Pinehurst’s early history. So, here, for today, enjoy it online:

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