Celebrate spring with a Pinehurst Mint Julep



You haven’t truly savored spring in the South until you’ve sat outside with a mint julep in hand.

Writer Kathleen Purvis pays homage to the classic drink in the May edition of Our State magazine, visiting Pinehurst’s Ryder Cup Lounge to get the full experience.

“Cold and sweet, with the nose-tingling bite of mint mingling with the caramel note of bourbon, glass frosted and the drink just barely watered down by a mound of crushed ice,” she writes. “The making and serving of a julep is a ritual, a coda at dusk announcing the end of a warm day.”

What makes our mint julep so special? Well, it’s are served in a footed Mason jar called “Southern stemware” rather than a silver cup, a perfect fit for our historic hotel known as the “Queen of the South.”

But the glass isn’t the only thing that sets our julep apart. We serve the cocktail year-round, mixing up slightly different concoctions for each season.

Right now, we’re offering a citrus version made with bourbon, house made mint-citrus simple syrup and lemonade. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy after 18 holes.

With the Kentucky Derby coming up Saturday, it’s the perfect time to learn how to make a mint julep at home. Use our recipe above to wow your friends.

Read the entire Our State story titled “The Julep Solution” here.