Centennial Tip Up is light and refreshing


Centennial No. 8’s signature cocktail is similar to a Moscow Mule, but better because it’s made with bourbon. 

Our house-made ginger and mint simple syrup gives the Centennial Tip Up the perfect balance.

Named after Annie Oakley’s most trusted trick shot rifle, a Stevens Tip Up, it pays homage to the sharpshooter’s time in Pinehurst.

Oakley taught shooting lessons and hosted exhibitions here between 1916 and 1922. Her husband, Frank Butler, managed the Pinehurst Gun Club during that time. Pinehurst No. 8 was built at the former site of the gun club.

Served ice cold in a copper mug, this drink is the definition of refreshing. Enjoy one after your round on Pinehurst No. 8 or just stop by and sip one on the veranda.