Colin O’Reilly bringing artful demonstration to Chef & Maker series

Colin O’Reilly’s expressive glass-blowing demonstration will be one of our can’t-miss events of the upcoming Chef & Maker series event with Chef Ashley Christensen, which takes place July 7-9 at Pinehurst Resort.

Chef & Maker Weekends

Inspired by the amazing landscape of the blue ridge mountains and the rich geological composition of the area where some of the purest minerals can be found, O’Reilly created Terrane Glass Designs to celebrate the area.

Terrane Glass Designs seeks to embrace this great history of purity through form and color. Their drinking glasses are designed to add comfort and bring beauty to the beverages enjoyed from them, and immediately following the demo, Chef & Maker guests will have the opportunity to sample spirits tastings from Charlotte’s Doc Porter’s Distillery. Terrane’s colors and decoration are minimal to highlight the natural beauty, airiness, and presence of glass while not overpowering or detracting from the form. All of their products are hand blown by O’Reilly in Spruce Pine, and it is their goal to create hand-crafted objects that bring joy into everyday experience.