How The Cradle was Built – A Timelapse

Gil Hanse broke ground on The Cradle, Pinehurst’s new 789-yard short course, in early May. On September 30, The Cradle enjoyed its grand opening, and has been the buzz around Pinehurst ever since. Guests can play The Cradle for a $50 daily fee – replays are free – and kids 17 and under play The Cradle free when with a paying adult.

While it took about five months to build The Cradle, we’ve condensed that down to about 2 minutes here. A few things to look for:

:00-7 seconds We open with one of the very first moments of construction. As you can see, the grass for what were the 1st and 2nd holes of Courses 3 and 5 is still evident. In the first second, you can see the stake marking what would become The Cradle’s 6th tee. (You have to be quick on the trigger to see it in the lower right corner of the frame.)

:08-30 seconds – At about 8 seconds, we shift a bit to the right with the camera and the clubhouse is the center of the frame. This is still the general area of where the 6th hole of The Cradle is – near what was the first green of Course 3. Hanse called the area for The Cradle “a pretty great little piece of land,” and seeing its elevation and undulation through some of the building here is interesting.

:32-45 seconds – You begin to see some shaping and carving here. No mules needed, though.

:46-54 seconds –  A note: anytime you see a bulldozer or some large equipment – in any of the 54 seconds to this point – there’s a good chance it’s actually Hanse driving it.

:55 seconds – We move the camera one last time – just a bit more to the right – and can watch as one of Hanse’s featured sandscapes and greens come together.

:56 seconds-1:41 – Through this stretch, you can see a lot of the bunker carving, grass sod being incorporated, and over time, the bermudagrass green being shaped, top-dressed and sprigged. As the bunker work continues to become more refined – note the shadows as the sun sets – you can see how the green grows in over the span of about 7-8 weeks. Also, the course itself begins to mature before your eyes.

1:42 – Wire grass.

1:50 – Finishing touches, including the tee marker signs.

1:52 – Play begins.

1:53 – Beautiful, glorious days in Pinehurst.

2:03 – The end, but like The Cradle, not really. Go ahead…play it again.