Danielle Kang and the breathtaking mountain golf shot

UPDATE: We were able to chat with Danielle over the weekend and found out something even better about the BEST. GOLF. PHOTO. EVER.

There’s video. With Cheyenne Woods.

We’ll let Danielle take it from here:

So I went to Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc in the French Alps yesterday (Saturday, Sept. 13).

After I missed the cut I started to think what is there to do in Evian. I realized there were these famous French Alps “nearby” so I asked Cheyenne if she wanted to go and I asked my physiotherapist if she wanted to join, etc.

My physiotherapist had a car so we actually drove through the Swiss side, crossed over the boarder back and forth FOUR times, and drove back through the French side. So we basically made this huge circle from Evian les Bains to Chamonix and back.

On the way there I thought of a great idea to hit a ball or swing up there!

But none of us brought anything so we were really bummed out. But then there was a Chamonix Golf Club so we decided to stop by and say hello and ask if we can rent clubs. The owner was very nice and he actually came out to the Evian Championship the day before! What are the chances! He gave us two clubs and two golf balls and we were headed our way!

We took two gondolas up to the peak of the mountain and it was FREEZING. We went on the snow and took a swing at our own risk, there was no one there to tell you no or anything, and took pictures up there.

We hit balls at the first plateau of the mountain. I have a video of that as well.

I just believe that we are so blessed to travel and should take full advantage of what we’re gifted with. Getting cut doesn’t mean our week is over unless you decide it to be.

Please let me know if you need anything else!


Danielle Kang

In addition to winning two U.S. Amateurs and being a touring member of the LPGA, Kang has a Pinehurst win to her considerable credits – the 2011 North & South Women’s Amateur.

But on Saturday morning, despite missing the cut at the LPGA’s fifth and final major of the season, the Evian Championship, Kang posted what might be the best golf photo you’ll see in a long while.

If you don’t already, follow Kang on Twitter. She’s one of the best there, as is evident here.

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