Aces+Cars+Danielle Kang = More Great Golf Photos

What happens when you mix Danielle Kang, holes-in-one and cars?

Well, since it involves Danielle Kang, it means more great photography.

Trust us on this one.

Kang, who’s having a great 2014 on the LPGA Tour and is a two-time U.S. Women’s Amateur champion, won the 2011 North & South Amateur, and has been a friend to Pinehurst ever since. But she’s made headlines these last two weeks after making aces in events on Tour, winning cars for each.

We’re happy for Danielle, and not just because she’s an incredibly down-to-earth person and extremely kind.

It’s because these aces mean photo opportunities. And if there’s anything we’ve learned about Danielle over the last few years, it’s that she has a great eye – and ideas – for photography.

Like we said, take our word for it. But if not, here, we’ll rank our favorite Danielle Kang photos:

Danielle Kang North & South

5. Here’s Danielle in 2011 after winning the North & South. She’ll probably kill us for posting this one. But we think the Putter Boy might make for a sweet hood ornament on one of her new cars.


4. Here’s Danielle celebrating the second hole-in-one, the one in which she won the Audi. We’re guessing Danielle came up with the idea, “Hey, how ’bout I stand on top of the car?”


3. Danielle’s first ace. What a great shot.


2. Yes, that’s Danielle Kang giving phenom Lydia Ko a piggyback ride through the Pinehurst clubhouse after the two had lunch at the Donald Ross Grill and before getting a preview of No. 2 while preparing a few months ahead of the U.S. Women’s Open. This is Danielle’s personality in a nutshell. (Is she your new favorite golfer yet? She should be.)

And finally…


1. We let Danielle explain this one here. (Seriously, please go read that. She WILL be your new favorite golfer after reading that.) We believe this is the best golf photo of the year.

That it came from Danielle, as you now know, should come as no surprise.

As always, best wishes, Danielle. For the next ace, set your sights on an Acura…