Deconstructed Pork Nachos a unique game day appetizer

Deconstructed pork nachos

Appetizers can make or break a party. 

Just sayin’.

With the Super Bowl coming up, it’s the perfect time to share some of our best game day eats and give you a chance to impress your friends.

These deconstructed pork nachos are a favorite the Ryder Cup Lounge, proving they are the perfect addition to any type of sporting event.

The portions are big enough to share as an appetizer and hearty enough to stand in as a main course. You decide.

Enjoy them at the Ryder Cup after a long day on the golf course or whip them up at home using the recipe below.

Next week, we’ll share the recipes for our Sticky Wings and Hummus.

Note: Click on the recipe to enlarge for better viewing.

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