Deep Cuts – The Best Trick Shots You Haven’t Seen

As any faithful reader of our News site knows, we like trick shots.

We haven’t, however, posted any new trick shots in some time, although Ken Duke and Kenny Perry gave us a couple of real golf shots recently to hold us over.

That said, we needed to update our trick shot log.

This time, though, we decided to try something a little different. We combed the depths of YouTube, going several pages deep to find videos of trick shots that for one reason or another haven’t really caught on. You won’t find any videos here with millions of views.

But you will get our comments…


This can’t be real. Right? Right?


If it’s real, how come it doesn’t have MORE THAN JUST 687 VIEWS?

Has to be the reaction.

Of course, if it IS real, we have no words for it either.

From 0-17 seconds, this is pretty MEH as far as golf trick shot videos go. Search “Golf Trick Shots” on YouTube, and you will find a lot of these.

But then everything changes at 18 seconds.

And to top it off, the reaction is priceless.


You have to watch this one closely. In fact, at the 7-second mark, pause the video.



Clearly, the guy holding the beer bottle in this video is our golfer’s boyfriend.

Or at least he really, REALLY wants to be.

(Note: Sorry about the 15-second ad before this one. Like you, we hate those. That’s why we don’t do that on our videos.)


Why is his putter in front of the ball?

Oh, that’s why.


No, we’re not talking about the standard Phil Mickelson flop shot.

After that.