An eye for art, a love for Pinehurst

Chris Hinton poses with his designs in the Pinehurst Pro Shop. He’s currently working on a coloring book.

When Chris Hinton sits down at his dining room table, food isn’t typically in front of him. The small space has a different purpose, serving as a makeshift art studio.

It’s there that Hinton creates the designs that have appeared on more than half a dozen notecards and prints available in the Pinehurst Pro Shop and online at By day, Hinton works in the shop, watching as guests marvel at his designs.

“It’s incredible seeing them on display,” he said. “I kind of get a proud parent moment when I see people pick one up.”

Hinton’s designs include a pencil sketch of the famous Putter Boy statue and the historic Carolina Hotel. Dogwood blossoms, the official state flower and a spring staple in Pinehurst, make appearances in two of Hinton’s designs. He’s also created a striking cardinal and whimsical snowman who poses with the Pinehurst No. 2 flag after his round.

“I just look for things that make the resort stand out,” Hinton said. Pinehurst is such a special place, so I want to convey that through my art.”

Once Hinton decides on a subject, he spends hours perfecting each design.

Purchase Chris’ pencil sketch of Putter Boy in the main golf shop or online at

“There’s a lot of fine-tuning,” he said. “People would be surprised by how many different drafts it takes to get to the final product.”

Hinton studied art at Oklahoma State University, but his love of sketching and watercolors goes all the way back to first grade. When Retail Director Laura Robinson found out about Hinton’s background, she encouraged him to create something for Pinehurst.

“We are very fortunate to have someone so talented on our retail team,” Robinson said. “Chris’ creativity has been a huge asset to the development of our notecard program and has added new life to our artwork category.”­