Finding peace on Pinehurst No. 2

You may remember Andrew Smith from November after he competed – and won his Wounded Warrior flight – at the inaugural Veterans Golfers Association Championship at Pinehurst.

Recently, The Chattanooga Times Free Press caught up with Andrew to tell his story, and it is certainly worth your time. (The story was subsequently picked up by The Associated Press.) It was inspiring to read…



…And then we got to the end, and Andrew’s final anecdote and quote:

As he addressed the UTC men, someone asked Smith what kept him from being depressed and bitter. He recalled something that (his wife) Tori told him in the hospital.

“She said that the enemy — the Taliban — had wanted to kill me,” he said. “She said, ‘Don’t give them a victory over anything you’re going through.’ That really inspired me. So whenever times are tough I think about the enemy, if any of them are still alive, and I think how they’re living in mud huts and drinking dirty water while I’m playing Pinehurst No. 2.”


We at Pinehurst are truly humbled.

Play well – always – Andrew.