First Look at Redesigning Maniac Hill

In November 2016, we revealed plans for Gil Hanse to redesign Pinehurst No. 4 and build a new short course. But there were other layers to the multi-year plan to improve the golf experience at Pinehurst, and included was a mention that we would add Pinehurst No. 2-styled enhancements to our legendary practice range, Maniac Hill.

Construction on Maniac Hill actually began about a month ago and should be complete in the first half of March. With design – and a good bit of hands-on building – by noted architect Kyle Franz, Maniac Hill is beginning to take shape. We’ll have more from Franz in the coming days, but for now we’re excited to reveal a rendering for how the new Maniac Hill will look.

A rendering of the redesign of Manic Hill, with the 18th hole of Pinehurst No. 2 bordering it to the left, the traditional practice range tee near the bottom and the Pinehurst Golf Academy and Pinehurst Country Club tees at the top.

The range, one of the very first in all of American golf, will feature large sandscape and wiregrass areas, infusing the quintessential Pinehurst style with an eye toward a more authentic practice experience.

Franz explains:

“When complete, what the player will see in front of him or her will more resemble what they typically see from the tee on our golf courses, or better simulate the feel of an approach shot,” says Bob Farren, Pinehurst’s director of grounds and golf course maintenance. “The player will have the feel of seeing fairways bordered by sandscape, giving Maniac Hill the same kind of setting that ultimately feels like Pinehurst.”

Maniac Hill is bordered on both sides by Pinehurst No. 2 – the 18th hole to the left and the 14th hole to the right. With the redesign, Maniac Hill will better resemble the area as a whole. Much of the sandscape will be mounded, allowing for golf balls to roll off or out of the areas.