Four ways to take a guilt-free personal day

four ways to take a guilt-free personal day


Planners, alarms, and notifications – the list that reminds us of our hourly, daily and weekly tasks is never-ending. There is always something or someone that needs your attention. But what about you – are you getting attention? When is the last time you took a personal day to hit the reset button?

Here are four ways to take a guilt-free personal day for YOURSELF!

  1. Pick a day and stick with it – Look at your calendar right now and just pick a date. If you find there are no days open due to meetings or appointments, look into rescheduling those. Highlight that day as YOUR day and stick with it.
  2. Check something off your to-do list first – As the personal day draws near, make sure you have checked something off your list. Whatever that task might be, spend time earlier in the week or the week before to knock it out so you can enjoy your upcoming day off.
  3. Leave your laptop at the office and set an away message – The universe will not fall apart during your day off. But making use of the out-of-office email setting will set the record straight to mitigate any questions from clients and coworkers. Plus, it will help you to not feel the need to check your email on your phone.
  4. Use your time off wisely – Go ahead and daydream about your day off. Come up with a relaxed agenda and enjoy it. Get a massage or a pedicure. Go for a long walk and listen to a podcast. Take yourself to lunch with a good book. Most of all, ENJOY it – You’ve earned it.

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