Get More Distance

Every golfer – from those on the PGA Tour to you watching this right now – always aspires for at least one thing – more distance.

Here’s one drill we teach at the Pinehurst Golf Academy that’s proven to help you get more carry on the ball. It’s the Tee Drill. Do this, and you won’t even have to hit the weight room.


THE DRILL: Place a tee on the target line six inches in front of the ball. What you’ll be trying to do is to clip the tee after hitting the ball.

HOW IT WORKS: The only way to hit the forward tee is to extend your arms and swing along the target line through impact. The drill corrects two major flaws in most golfers’ swings: incomplete extension and crooked swing path. The result is a big increase in clubhead speed – but here’s the thing: The added speed comes from a better swing path, not more muscle.

THE RESULT: The Pinehurst Golf Academy study revealed a 13-yard average increase in carry distance.