Golf at Pinehurst, through the eyes of a 3rd-grader

Mimi Cook is 8 years old and a 3rd-grader in Virginia. And one of her favorite places in the world is…


Check it out (Click the photo to enlarge it):


OK, a few things we absolutely LOVE about Mimi’s great story:

  1. Mimi has a very high opinion of her dad’s game. Wait until she starts beating him…
  2. We agree about the waffles. They are delish. The Carolina Hotel Breakfast Buffet is the best.
  3. Judging from her story, Mimi is a little kid who doesn’t mind getting up early in the morning to golf. How great is that?
  4. Look at how happy Mimi is that her dad made the putt on 18. Go ahead and grab a tissue. We’ll wait.
  5. “I had so much fun playing golf with my dad.” (Grab another tissue…)

Mimi is one of our good friends at Pinehurst, and her family visits often. In fact, once upon a time, her dad proposed to her mom on the 18th green of Pinehurst No. 2.

Mimi, even at just 8 years old, is becoming quite the little golfer. She came with her dad to the U.S. Women’s Open here and is his frequent playing partner. She’s also the kid in one of our all-time favorite photos of Payne at Pinehurst:


Thanks, Mimi, for being one of the very reasons why we all feel Pinehurst is so special.