Here’s how you can join us for the Golic & Wingo Leadership Retreat

It all began with Trey shutting down Golic.

Then, Stugotz mentioned he likes having music while he plays golf.

So, we showed off The Cradle to ESPN.

Now, it’s on.

And you have a chance to join in.

Watch the video above for all the details. It was just this morning that Golic & Wingo announced the contest with Pinehurst.

How did the “Golic & Wingo Leadership Retreat” – or better known by its full name, “The Golic & Wingo Off-Site, Off-Hand Town Hall Leadership Retreat Strategy Session Golf Tournament” – come together?

It all started with this, when Golic THOUGHT he could slip a Pinehurst joke past Trey:

And now, the joke is on us.

We’ll see you at Pinehurst.