Leo Huddleston pays tribute to Payne at U.S. Kids event

At just 8 years old, Leo Huddleston already has a good sense of golf history.

Knowing he was going to compete in last week’s U.S. Kids Red, White & Blue Invitational at Pinehurst, he wanted to do something special to commemorate the event. And so he chose to pay tribute to Payne Stewart.

That led to some of the best golf photos you may see in a while:

Leo, who is from Tennessee, is quite the player already and played his first 18-hole round of golf when he was just 3. But for Pinehurst, he wanted to do something a little extra special.

“Leo wanted to pay tribute to Payne Stewart since he would be playing at Pinehurst, the scene of Payne’s 1999 U.S. Open win, so he hand-picked an outfit from GolfKnickers.com for the Red, White & Blue Invitational,” wrote Leo’s father, Rob. “Since the event was on Independence Day weekend, he (naturally) picked out a red, white and blue color scheme.”

We look forward to seeing Leo again during the U.S. Kids World Championship in August. But the best part? We’re already looking forward to seeing what he’ll be wearing.

“He plans to coordinate another outfit for the World Championships at Pinehurst,” Rob writes.

We can’t wait.