The Little Golf Cart That Could

Jaxon Graves is 8 years old. He loves playing basketball and baseball. He also loves golf, but, like a lot of 2nd-graders, will admit that his favorite part is riding in the cart.

And so, when it was time for the Wolf Den of the local Cub Scouts Pack 807 to gear up for the annual Pinewood Derby, Jaxon was struck with inspiration.

Forget aerodymanics. Build a fun derby car.

Build a golf cart. And race it.

The family, including father Jason, soon found that Jaxon’s idea was a novel one.

“We searched the internet for ideas on how to make a golf cart from the standard Pinewood Derby wood block,” Jason says. “We didn’t find much. So we started from scratch.”

It took a few hours, but soon Jaxon was the proud owner of perhaps the first Pinewood Derby Golf Cart in history, with the added flair of a few things.

“We added some lights and put Batman at the helm,” Jason says. “Of course, we had to use the Putter Boy logo.”

“We added some lights and put Batman at the helm. Of course, we had to use the Putter Boy logo.”

The golf clubs in bags on the back of the cart were also a nice touch.

Now it was off to the races.

Jaxon Graves, 8, with his Pinewood Derby golf cart, and the inspiration for it.

As mentioned, usually aerodynamics play a big part in advancing at the Derby. Jaxon didn’t expect much – other than, perhaps, the award for Best Local Flavor Design. But, surprisingly, the Putter Boy Cart won its first three races, eventually finishing fourth overall. Jaxon was especially thrilled to race his older brother Taylor’s Minecraft-inspired car.

While Jaxon can typically be found at the Pinehurst Country Club pool complex in the summers, he’s also active with U.S. Kids Golf. The Graves are Pinehurst Country Club members, but have yet to play the new short course, The Cradle.

Of course, at just 789 yards, carts aren’t allowed on The Cradle.

Well, most carts aren’t. There are exceptions – particuarly for Batman-driven, Pinewood Derby-styled, Best Local Flavor Design-Winning Putter Boy Golf Carts.