Meet Pinehurst’s tiniest fan


Robert Hill Jr was born March 8, 2015 in Ontario, Canada to Pinehurst members Rob and Julie Hill.

It’s clear Julie and Rob Hill love Pinehurst.

Some of the first photographs ever taken of their new son, Rob Hill Jr., included the adorable baby dressed in Pinehurst garb.

The couple lives in Ontario, Canada, but Julie said they travel to Pinehurst “every chance we get.”

They visited Pinehurst for the first time as a pair back in 2009. Rob had been to the Resort before, but it was a new experience for his future wife.

“I absolutely fell in love with the place the second I laid eyes on the beautiful pines on Midland Road,” Julie said.

During their stay, the couple played Pinehurst No. 2 with the assistance of caddie Russell Bauer, who they remain friends with to this day.

“Our son was even born on the same day as Russell’s daughter, Harper,” Julie said. “It’s so sweet that our children share a birthday just two years apart.”


Rob and Julie Hill love Pinehurst so much, they decided to make it part of the first portraits of their son, Rob Jr.

The Hills became Pinehurst members in March 2012.

“On one of our many visits to Pinehurst I was sitting in the rocking chairs overlooking the 18th (of Pinehurst No. 2) and had an amazing conversation with a current member…,” Julie said. “He suggested we buy property in Pinehurst and we did just that. One day when life allows, we plan to build our Pinehurst home and make it our permanent residence.”

The couple looks forward to making more memories at Pinehurst even though they already have enough to last a lifetime.

“If you ask Rob the best time of his life he, without hesitation will say the U.S Opens in Pinehurst 2014,” Julie said. “It was an amazing experience.”

When it came time to take Rob Jr.’s first portraits, the Hills knew they wanted to include Pinehurst.

“Pinehurst is the most special place in the world to us,” Julie said. “When we aren’t on the courses we love to ride the Carolina bikes through the Village, sit on the Carolina veranda, watch the 18th green from the rocking chairs, have drinks at the Pine Crest and eat dinner at Dugan’s.

“We cannot wait until August when we will be taking Lil Rob to Pinehurst for the first time.”


Pinehurst members Julie and Rob Hill pose with their new son, Rob Jr., hours after he was born. The first hat Rob Jr. wore was from Pinehurst.