Collaborate and Connect at Pinehurst

Many people come to Pinehurst seeking the respite of a premier golf getaway. Others, though, actually come for work – as a guest for a conference, meeting or group outing.

But that doesn’t mean your group guest has to miss out on all the fun. Here are a few of the best activities at Pinehurst that will allow your group to connect on a whole new level.


The Golf

Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way. Not to be TOO obvious here, but as the Cradle of American Golf, Pinehurst offers one of the best golf experiences in the world. And with nine courses, Pinehurst can accommodate any group’s number of golfers.

But while the accolades always pour in about famed Pinehurst No. 2, or Pinehurst No. 8 and the coming Gil Hanse redesign of Pinehurst No. 4, the best thing about golf at Pinehurst is YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A GOLFER TO ENJOY THE GOLF AT PINEHURST.

That may feel a little daunting, but even if you’ve never played the game before, Pinehurst has made golf even more accessible in the last year. Here, you can play our fun, winding 18-hole putting course Thistle Dhu. Or if you want to swing a club, try the new 9-hole short course, The Cradle. It’s made for fun, whether you are an avid golfer or a beginner.

Introducing…The Pinecone

At Pinehurst, even the beverage cart is unique. This custom-made woodie trailer is positioned at The Cradle most days, but can be moved around the resort. With a full bar complemented by four beer taps on the back, The Pinecone combines style, sophistication and fun, adding to a festive atmosphere with your clients and fellow guests.

As Long as there has been Golf at Pinehurst, there’s been Women’s Golf at Pinehurst

The Women’s North & South Amateur has been held every year at Pinehurst since 1903, making it the longest consecutively running women’s amateur championship in the United States. As just recently, Pinehurst continued its long history of women’s golf by celebrating women’s Golf Day. It was something Golf Channel wanted to know all about.

Take the Trolley

It’s easy for your group to get around Pinehurst together, and you can do so with a nod to Pinehurst’s great history. Pinehurst’s new trolley combines the nostalgic trolley car service which welcomed visitors in the early 1900’s with the modern version of elegance, convenience and style within the Village of Pinehurst. A rear porch balcony provides a wonderful photo opportunity, and other exterior highlights include the traditional bell chime, accent lighting and the iconic Putter Boy logo. Interior highlights include a surround sound system and LED lighting, customizable to different events, traditional hardwood flooring and waterfall slat seating, complemented by bead board ceiling and the traditional rooftop cupola.

Lawn Bowls at Pinehurst

Staying Green

There’s nothing like the beauty in and around Pinehurst, so it is a place to enjoy the outdoors. Even before golf came here before the dawn of the 20th century, Pinehurst emerged first as an outdoor wellness retreat with its founding in 1895.

So if golf isn’t your thing, try your hand at another of our games like croquet or lawn bowls. There is play every day on the meticulously manicured croquet and lawn bowl courts that sit adjacent to Pinehurst’s stately clubhouse. Groups are always welcome, and brief lessons are also available. Every evening, the sun sets in view of the courts, making for a most perfect way to wind down a day with your colleagues.

The charming Village of Pinehurst

Tour the Village

While most think of Pinehurst as an iconic golf destination, the Village of Pinehurst actually preceded the first golf course in Pinehurst. Founder James Walker Tufts originally envisioned The Village as a beautiful, healthful, New England-style village.

Tufts knew his guests’ needs would be varied, so he decided to build an assortment of private cottages, rooming houses and hotels. By December of 1895, Tufts had built the Holly Inn and more than 25 cottages.

By 1901, The Carolina Hotel and many other cottages had been built, along with department stores, a fire department and livery stable. Most of the main buildings of The Village are still in existence and can be toured today with historic walking tours, carriage rides or the best kind of self-guided touring – shopping!

Take Your Pick

Just take a look at this link. You WILL have fun at Pinehurst.

Donald Ross, the famed golf architect who designed No. 2 and so many other courses around the country, once said that, “Golf should be a pleasure, not a penance.” So when you visit Pinehurst, even if it’s for a work gathering, we hope Mr. Ross’s sentiment holds true.