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Christmas at The Carolina

Pinehurst Resort’s famed Carolina Hotel has decked its halls with the holiday spirit. For more information about how you can join us in Pinehurst for the holidays, visit or call 1-800-Its-Golf.

A few fun facts regarding the holiday decorations around the Resort:

  • Nearly 2,500 yards of ribbon were used to decorate the hotel this year (That equals 1.42 miles)
  • More than 35 nutcrackers can be found in the Carolina.
  • More than 20 trees adorn the Carolina Hotel alone.
  • More than 20,000 lights twinkle within the Resort Christmas trees.
  • There are almost 550 poinsettias throughout the Carolina and more than 800 throughout the Resort.
  • The tree in the Conference Center holds 144 poinsettias.
  • The Main Lobby Tree is strung with 3,000 white lights
  • More than 2,500 feet of garland were used to adorn the inside and outside of the Carolina.

For more information about Pinehurst’s best rates of the year, view below:

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Between the Pines – Fall Scenes at Pinehurst

While Pinehurst is known for its stately pines, when Autumn does its annual splashes of color, the vibrant hues only seem to shine more brilliantly against the backdrop of southern blue skies and towering evergreens.

Here are a few recent shots from around the Resort Club and adjacent golf courses:

The Resort Club at Pinehurst

The Resort Club at Pinehurst

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2012 Pro-Member Palumbo Cup [Video]

The Pro-Member Palumbo Cup, the first tournament of its kind at Pinehurst Resort, was competed at The Centennial, Pinehurst No. 8, on Monday, Nov. 12. The event was played in conjunction with Pinehurst’s annual Palumbo Cup, a match play tournament among the two dozen Pinehurst golf professionals played in honor of the late Frank Palumbo, a revered pro at Pinehurst.

The Pro-Member Palumbo Cup featured 17 five-player teams, each featuring a Pinehurst golf pro and four members. Among the golf pros participating in the inaugural event was PGA Tour veteran and Pinehurst member Darron Stiles, who is the all-time money-winner on the Tour and will return to the PGA Tour in 2013.

“This is a pretty unique event,” said Pinehurst President Donald Padgett II. “I don’t know of another club that can feature as many golf professionals, including a PGA Tour pro, for an event like this one.”

2012 Pinehurst Pro-Member Palumbo Cup

2012 Pinehurst Pro-Member Palumbo Cup

The winning team, with a 60, was Geoff Lynch’s group, which included members Howard Milligan, Howard Schwartz, Hugh Menzies and Ronald Center. Placing second with a 62 was Shannon Smith’s group (featured in the last highlight clip above), which included David McNeill, Charles Terrill, Jerome Phelps and Joyce McWane. In third, also with a 62, was Kyle Fera’s group (featured at 1:00 in the video), which included Richard Moss, Pat Milligan, Patricia Williamson and Liz McClain.

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Christmas Shopping at the Pinehurst Resort Retail Sale

It’s already early November, which means one thing around my house — no need to start Christmas shopping for another month at least.

OK, OK, so I wouldn’t suggest this annual policy for anyone else, but as a lifetime media member, sometimes I do my best work under the stress of a deadline.

But if I were ever to adopt a more sound practice for dealing with Christmas shopping for family and friends — and wife and daughter, wife and daughter, wife and daughter, and before I forget to mention them, my wife and daughter — this weekend provides me with the best opportunity of all. That’s because Pinehurst Resort is offering its annual end-of-season clearance retail sale this weekend in the St. Andrews Room of the Resort Club.  (Friday and Saturday, 9-5; Sunday 9-3)

So with that said, I’ve decided to take this ample opportunity and run with it. I’m going to mow down my Christmas list in a matter of a few hours. I’m giving myself a budget of $500. Let’s see what I can get with that:

Let’s go ahead and start working on my lovely wife. She always comes first, you know. Always. Every time. No matter what I say. Or do. Or don’t say. Or don’t do.

Let’s move on.

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Uncovering Pinehurst No. 2 – By Bob Farren

Pinehurst Director of Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds Bob Farren speaks at the USGA's Water Summit on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Pinehurst Director of Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds Bob Farren speaks at the USGA’s Water Summit on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Pinehurst Director of Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds Bob Farren is speaking at the USGA’s Water Summit today. Bob was kind enough to share extensive details of the restoration of Pinehurst No. 2, site of the 2014 men’s and women’s U.S. Opens:

Uncovering Pinehurst No.2

By Bob Farren

In March of 2010 Pinehurst embarked on perhaps the boldest golf course restoration project that has ever been undertaken. Pinehurst No.2, site of many national championships, has had a complete makeover to return the natural classical features that it was known for in decades gone by.

Pinehurst No.2 has always been held in the highest regard by many of the game’s greats. Golf legends like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, have always showed great admiration for Course 2, what many consider to be Donald Ross’s greatest masterpiece. However, often in their praise, they would refer to the course.
(and I quote) “the way it used to be.”

For more than a century Pinehurst No.2 has been a great test of championship, as recently as the 1999 and 2005 US Open Championships. However, many people in the golf industry, including Pinehurst owner Bob Dedman and President Don Padgett II, were concerned that changes to the course over the years had covered much of the character and Ross features that had earned its reputation in the golfing world.

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