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Golfer takes Happy Gilmore swing…on ice

Hat tip to GolfNewsNet with this find. Check out Panthers’ fan Andrew Kiger as he goes full Happy Gilmore on ice skates.

That’s how you make the best of an ice storm. Keep pounding, Andrew.

Note: If you can’t view the video from Andrew’s Tweet, perhaps this one will work for you: … Continue Reading

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Operation Double Eagle – and how you can help

In November, on Veterans Day, Pinehurst had the distinct honor to host the inaugural Veterans Golf Association championship. We’ve always been honored by walking in the footsteps of great golf champions. But we were truly humbled by walking in the footsteps of heroes. 

The VGA is producing a documentary, Operation Double Eagle, to chronicle the incredible fight and passion of the amazing men and women, who are using golf to enrich their lives, and in many cases, heal from PTSD.

This game is amazing, isn’t it?

The VGA is raising money from those who wish to contribute to the project here. Above, please watch the trailer to Operation Double Eagle and be inspired.


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Phil’s ready for 2016…clearly

Today was Phil Mickelson’s first TOUR round of 2016.

He’s ready:

The dap, though, is NOT in midseason form…

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Alberta Travis – In Your Words

It was only a short while ago we posted our story about the incomparable Alberta Travis, who the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association will recognize for her accomplishments when she is honored as the 2016 Front Line Employee of the Year.

Alberta surprise inset

Immediately, there was an outpouring of praise and support from many of you, those who are past guests of Pinehurst, but also from Alberta’s friends, family and co-workers. It is clearly apparent the impact Alberta has made not only on our guests over the years, but for everyone who comes in even a short moment’s contact with her.

Please take a second to read what others have said about one very special person:

AdamsAlbertaComments2 (2)

BertramAlbertaComments1 (2)


EatonAlbertaComments2 (2)

KeatingAlbertaComments1 (2)

HoldmanAlbertaComments2 (2)

CravenAlbertaComments1 (2)

DouglasAlbertaComments4 (2)

AlbertaComments4 (2)

You’re right, Jeff. We are very blessed.

Congratulations, Alberta, from all of us.

*Please feel free to add your congratulations and notes to Alberta in the comments below.

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Welcome to Bert’s Place

Alberta Travis poses outside The Holly Inn, which has affectionately been dubbed "Bert's Place." Alberta Travis is as much of a fixture at The Holly Inn as the signature heart of pine floors and the Tiffany lamps that gives the hotel a warm glow.

Often the first person you see upon entering the 121-year-old establishment, she’s quick to offer an upbeat “Hello.”  In fact, Alberta is so synonymous with The Holly, its nickname is “Bert’s Place.”

When Alberta was hired as a housekeeper back in 1996, her supervisor sensed she wouldn’t be behind the scenes for long. She is, after all, a self-proclaimed people person.

Her work at The Manor Inn led to a friendship with the front desk clerk who offered to share a few tricks of the trade. Alberta would sneak down for a quick lesson whenever she had a free moment. When the clerk was out sick for an extended period of time, it was Alberta who offered to fill in.

After a few weeks, it was clear she had found her niche. When The Holly reopened after renovations in 1999, Alberta was tasked with manning the front desk. A year later, she was promoted to front desk supervisor, a role she’s held ever since.

Alberta’s wide smile and cheerful personality are hard to forget. She’s constantly recognized by guests for her ability to make The Holly Inn feel like home.

“You kind of accumulate family members over time. You get to know people and you really care about them.” – Alberta Travis

“The Pinehurst experience is not complete without having the chance to interact and meet Alberta,” said Rooms Division Director Matt Chriscoe.

For Alberta, the joy of working the front desk is meeting new people and seeing familiar faces.

“It’s never felt like work,” she said. “My husband always tells people ‘My wife wakes up every morning with that smile on her face, so I know she enjoys her job.’”

After nearly 17 years at The Holly, Alberta has come to know and love quite a few repeat guests.

“You kind of accumulate family members over time,” she said. “You get to know people and you really care about them.”

As a training supervisor, Alberta helped initiate the Red Star Repeat Guest Program.  Developed in 2014, the goal of the program is to recognize and retain first-time guests by creating a positive first impression.

Alberta surprise inset

Alberta receives a hug from Kellie Slade, Director of Social Sales, after receiving word she’s been named the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association’s Front Line Employee of the Year.

The North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association will recognize Alberta for her accomplishments later this month when she receives the award for Front Line Employee of the Year. Matt recently surprised her with the news during a senior staff meeting.

“She leaves an impression with her kind smile, genuine desire to assist and overall knowledge and skill,” Matt said.

Alberta and her husband, Andre, are avid bowlers, so when she isn’t at work you’ll find her perfecting her strike. She’s a member of two local leagues and often competes in regional tournaments.

She also enjoys whipping up Southern delicacies like collards, pintos and cornbread.

“I love to cook and watch everyone eat,” she said. “My fun comes from the enjoyment.”

Alberta and Andre have four adult children, 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

“Almost everyone in my family has worked here at some point,” she said. “For us, Pinehurst is family.”

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